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Guess who's back?
Hello blogger!!                    I really do apologize for forgetting to post on here. i have ad so much to do since i have been on here last and i have now got nothing to do so i will now almost defiantly post on here with every opportunity i get. So wha...

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New Blog Woop Woop
Hi Blogger I am starting todays blog by saying that I trust that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was ok but as I expressed (maybe a little too much) Christmas is not my favourite time of the year. This post is to say that I will have another...

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Why I think That Christmas Is Shit
Hi Bogger I apologise for my poorly punctuated and spelt last post; I was half asleep whilst writing. As it is the run up to Christmas everybody is talking and singing Christmas songs. The problem with this is the exact same songs are played every year, whi...

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Again, a Random Post
Hello Blogger I apologise that I do not post that often now but this is because I have to revise for my GCSE exams in the summer and the mocks I will be having in a few weeks. This year I have already taken my science, maths and English exams and I really h...

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Reliving the past
Hello Blogger I have to say sorry  for me not blogging and i mean it. I have been having problems with my computer. Because of this. i can't promise to blog every week or so. As I am in year 11 now, I keep looking back on how much my friends and I have come...

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I have actually had a good day.
Hello blogger Today I thought that I might write on my blog as I have nothing to do so I thought that I would write about something even though I have nothing to write about. This will be the most random blog to date. I find it very hard to find inspiration...

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Guess Who's Back. With random shizzle.
Hello Blogger My sincerest apologies to everyone who reads my blog for not putting anything up recently. This has been the case because I am now in yr 11 so I have been preparing myself for all the coursework I will be given this year. I don't know why but ...

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Hello blogger Today I was going to go and watch the new Inbetweeners movie which is in cinemas at the moment, but my bloody sister has stolen my money so I can't afford to go. Thanks to her, my day has been ruined as I have been looking forward to today but...

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I'm So Sorry
Hi blogger I have to apologise for me not posting for a while. I have forgotten to say that I will not be posting on Wednesdays and Thursdays as i am at my dad's house and I will not be bothered to post things then. If any of my readers have an Xbox 360 i w...

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Saw Wiki and Other Things
Hello Blogger Last night me and my friend ,Nathan Kent,  were correcting and editing the saw wiki as most of it was wrong but it is not now. Who ever written the wiki page for saw has either not understood saw properly or they just got their facts wrong. Fo...
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