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Nanette W.
Certified Master Herbalist, President/Owner of Aim 2 Health LLC, Formulator of Healthy Skin & Scalp Products for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Scalp and more.
Certified Master Herbalist, President/Owner of Aim 2 Health LLC, Formulator of Healthy Skin & Scalp Products for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Scalp and more.

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Skin problems dealing with the feet may appear at any age. Whether from work, the environment or a physical condition, the skin on your feet may become vulnerable to various levels of dryness.

A daily foot care program should be designed to help you prevent foot problems as well as provide proper care fro already occurring problems. The following is a short list of some very common concerns:

Calluses: are hard, thickened areas of skin which form on the bottom of the foot and can also be found on the toes. (NOTE: Never try to "shave" or "buff" down a callus as this will only aggravate it and possibly cause infection or more damage.)

Dry Skin: skin on your feet can sometimes become dry and cracked, particularly on the soles where the most pressure is put. In time, this can lead to chronic scaling and itching.

Infections: good hygiene is important to prevent infection. People with diabetes are prone to foot infections from poor circulation and a loss of feeling.

Itchy Feet: severe dryness can lead to itchy red skin on the feet. Scratching and rubbing can lead to further complications.

Preventative Measures
1) Check your feet every day for blisters, cuts scratches and nail problems.
2) Hygiene- wash your feet daily using lukewarm water and our gentle All Over Face & Body Moisturizing Wash. By reducing the bacteria count, you will minimize the risk of infection.
3) Comfort- always dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes. This is important to prevent development of breaks in the skin as this can lead to fungal infection.
4) Use our Double Strength TheraCream which is designed to replenish much needed moisture to dry, cracked, flaky skin that won't go away. Hydrates & soothes problem skin quickly.

Learn more about this condition and our fast working products at:

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Dear Nanette:
Many, many thanks for your creams...the photos show how much my legs have improved after only 5 days! I have no more burning from the inside out....I'm so much happier! I am a natural therapist in New Zealand and am extremely sensitive to so many things and I have many allergies and struggled all my life with health issues - often being hospitalized. With this recent skin rash I was to the point of agony....I sought help from my doctor but he has no understanding of my sensitivity so I've suffered and tried to see a specialist and they deemed my condition not urgent enough to warrant "specialist" help! Really??!

I am so very impressed with your creams and supplements and wondering if there is anyway I could be involved in bringing them to New Zealand...I'd love to be able to offer them to my clients in my clinic...many thanks!! Megan R., New Zealand

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What To Do For: Dry...Itchy...Flaky Scalp

What do you do for Dry...Itchy...Flaky Scalp. Weather, stress and other health related issues can cause your scalp to dry out, flake and itch terribly and put your scalp in a state of imbalance. With these obvious discomforts comes the embarrassment of "facing the world".

Did you know that dry scalp is more common than you may think? For example, dandruff - that dry, itchy, white flaking of the scalp -affects up to 70% of the population in various degrees of severity. Dry scalp can be very itchy and your natural reaction is to scratch. But scratching or even rubbing can aggravate the problem.

Using an effective shampoo is critically important. Three highly effective ingredients are tea tree oil, shea butter and urea. These three ingredients provide a powerful formula to relieving dry scalp symptoms.

SKIN REMEDIES provides a fast and effective way to care for your problem scalp with our very own Herbal Shampoo Treatment. No other shampoo works as fast and as hard for long lasting, natural relief. Herbal Shampoo Treatment RINSES CLEAN! And it doesn't disturb the natural PH of the hair & scalp like most shampoos do. It's truly one of the best remedies to help soothe and hydrate the scalp for your long lasting relief.

Our shampoo can even be used on babies and small children! It's safe for the whole family and it's hypoallergenic. Clean and fresh with a natural herbal scent. Read more about this wonderful product at

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Tar - steroids - harsh chemicals are NOT what you want in your therapy skin cream ..... is it? Sensitive and problematic skin needs a skin cream that is pure and gentle yet must be thorough, fast and effective.

Reading the ingredients on the labels today can be a journey in scientific, unpronounceable garble. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient or see where it's source comes from, we recommend you refrain from purchasing it. Would you trust something that you can't pronounce on your skin or the skin of your family?? Certainly NOT!

Some products contain borderline, over the counter, drug like chemicals that produce unnatural effects on your skin or within your body. The #1 ingredient in 85% of the products out on the market is MINERAL OIL!! This inert oil is a by product of making gasoline from petroleum....imagine that. Further, the mineral oil molecule is too large to pass the skins cells so it sits on top of your skin and literally suffocates it! "Buyer Beware" is an age old saying that still holds true today.

Skin cream should be rich and thick, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Skin responds quickly to health promoting and pure ingredients. We at Aim 2 Health have the skin care products that an ingredient conscious consumer is looking for.

Visit us at to learn more!

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HAIR LOSS with DRY SCALP can become aggressive and irreversible if not taken care of in time. More than half of the men and women in the United States experience thinning hair with about 30% of these by age 30. This condition affects 50% of women over the age of 50. This can be traumatic for anyone because losing hair can affect self-esteem, confidence and relationships. Do you know what the 3 MAIN REASONS FOR HAIR LOSS ARE?

Learn how to care for this devastating problem here: #hairlosssolutions #dandruff #hairloss #shampoo #dryscalp

Great testimonial!
"Hello Nanette........My problem was dry scalp & hair loss. I used your Double Strength TheraCream first in the evening all over my scalp followed by your Herbal Shampoo Treatment in the morning and took before and after pictures. I did this 3 to 4 times per week faithfully and got these great results! I hope this helps others to see what your products can do! Many Thanks!"

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Ever notice how many times in a day you lick your lips? That's because our lips crave moisture. Before you reach for your lip balm, read the ingredients first!

Here's why......lip balm has actually been around for over 100 years. The inventor of lip balm, Dr. C. D. Fleet, started an unfortunate trend by using petroleum jelly in his lip balm, and it's only become clear in recent years just how ineffective petroleum jelly is as a lip balm. Since petroleum jelly isn't absorbed by the skin, it keeps the skin from breathing and over time -- actually makes your lips more chapped!!

The all natural and moisturizing ingredients in our lip balm has a healthy effect on the skin that is completely different from that of petroleum jelly. Instead of lying inert on the surface of the lips, our lip balm is absorbed by the skin cells. Because it improves the moisture retention capacity of your lips, your lips stay healthy and moist even in the driest conditions.

Read more about our incredible lip balms at

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Dear Nanette,
My name is Natalie and I ordered your product about 3 weeks ago. My son Gabriel who's only 15 months got this rash around his mouth and I thought it was from drooling, but the doctor said it was some type of dermatitis. He prescribed a hydrocortisone cream which made it worse!

Then I found the Skin Remedies website and ordered your products immediately! Three weeks later my son's rash is almost gone! Thank you Aim 2 Health for your amazing product! Natalie Goffinet, USA

#facerash #perioraldermatitis #eczema #mouthrash #drooling 

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Are You Suffering With DRY DIABETIC FEET?

Dear Nanette:
I have diabetes and I am on my feet constantly at work. Due to my condition and standing all the time, the skin on my feet and heels would dry and crack so extensively that, at times I would get sores that were gaping and seeping and would never heal. I was constantly in fear of getting an infection that I'm ashamed to say it but I would tape the skin together before going to work in the morning.

I tried your All Over Face & Body Wash and the Double Strength TheraCream you recommended for diabetes foot conditions and I am so thankful with the results. My skin is healthy again and I've thrown away the tape! Very gratefully yours, B.T., Newark, N.J.

#dryfeet #diabeticfeet #callouses #dryheels #skincare 

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Are You Dealing With ROSACEA?

Dear Nanette:
I am a school teacher who has suffered with rosacea for the last 5 years. There is not a day that goes by that one of my students doesn't ask about my condition.....very frustrating! Especially since I have spent so much money at the doctor's office and have not improved until I came and saw you. After following your advice not only with the All Over Face & Body Wasn and the Face & Neck TheraCream, but also the Green PowerHouse "Plus", I now LOVE MY FACE! Oh yes, and by the way, I've dropped 15 pounds as well!! Thank you with all my heart, Mrs. Fran Withrop, Nashville, TN

#rosacea #facerash #pimples #dermatitis #eczema 
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