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Jim Stroud
I speak, I train and I blog a lot about social media, recruiting and job search strategy.
I speak, I train and I blog a lot about social media, recruiting and job search strategy.

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Lovin' life at Randstad Soureright! Best job ever!

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Have you heard my Christmas album? I sing the classics. Tune in and let me know your thoughts? #merrychristmas #christmas #music

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If you want to experience success in recruiting passive candidates, I HIGHLY suggest that you adopt the habits discussed in this episode of "The Jim Stroud Show." (This is advice is for beginners and experts alike.) 

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Do you know how to source passive candidates from the courthouse? I do. Watch this... #sourcing #recruiting

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Will robots replace recruiters? #podcast

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"How To Program Robots to Job Hunt for You" is the topic of this week's show. Tune in to "The Jim Stroud How" for all the fun.

#jobhunting #jobsearch #careers #resume #bots #robots #automation

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A nice Chat indeed +Joel Cheesman Let's do it again soon.

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I want to advance my career. Anybody know where I can buy a PhD degree? #jobsearch

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Amazon is testing out a 30 hour work week. How many hours do you work a week? Too many? You may be right. Shorter work hours make you more productive! Jim Stroud discusses the research and benefits of a shorter work week. | Want more videos? Subscribe here:


# Amazon is piloting teams with a 30-hour workweek

# The four-day work week

# In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains

# Tim Ferriss and The 4 Hour Workweek

# Use It Too Much and Lose It? The Effect of Working Hours on Cognitive Ability

# Americans Work Hard, But People In These 15 Countries Work Longer Hours

# Is it time for a shorter workweek?

# 10 reasons for a shorter working week

# Does a Shorter Work Week Lead to Greater Productivity?

# If You Want Short Work Weeks, Move to These Cities

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# The Number One Job Hunting Book In the World! |

# Resume Forensics: How To Find Free Resumes and Passive Candidates On Google |

# Content Is The New Sourcing: Strategies for Attracting and Engaging Passive Candidates |

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Can you believe people are finding jobs while playing Pokemon Go? > "Pokemon Go Get a Job" is the topic of the latest episode of "The Jim Stroud Show"

#recruiting   #sourcing   #pokemongo  
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