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excited to give a presentation at #Devoxx Ignite 2014 about my SMS Math learning prototype, slides here:

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How build a Mono app like e.g. Minecraft NBTExplorer on Linux
So the neighbourhood's kids association members ;-) were not too happy that an existing Minecraft world they had originally built on a local Minecraft vanilla and which I now run on a Spongepowered Minecraft server with extensions and custom commands for th...

excited: I’m starting to teach Computer Sci class; ~10 kids (14 yrs) Friday eve. in local school! +MIT Scratch Team #Minecraft #HourOfCode #CSforAll

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watch Switzerland Second #everysecondcounts #fakenews TX @itsgreateu @sethmeyers @nbcsnl

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took a day off after +OpenDaylight Project summit in Seattle last week to visit Star Trek exhibition at the EMP museum & the Gates foundation visitor centre, here are some photos from my day:

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published my @xtendlang Java Bean test helper, based on Xtend's "With" operator - like?

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making progress on my +Raspberry Pi robot.. now with async Turtle API & WiFi AP +Kai Kreuzer 

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made a Sci-Fi short movie together with my princess using, watch it on & try out Alice with your kids too!

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updated my LinkedIn profile.. Thank You +Temenos for 10 great yrs! Onwards now - HELO +Life at Red Hat a great place to work , e.g. on +OpenDaylight Project 
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