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I don't understand what the ASPCA means by "dog fighting is everywhere." Most people do not fight dogs. Most pit bulls are family pets. It's the few criminals who engage in this horrific act -- which the ASPCA aptly said is not limited to a single region, race, or class -- that commit all of these crimes. 

To say "dog fighting is everywhere" is misleading. Family pets who happen to be pit bulls are everywhere (except for places like Denver and Miami, where discriminatory laws keeps them out -- or at least try to). 

And if I were a politician charged with protecting my community, I would hear the phrase "dog fighting is everywhere" and think twice about the type of people who own pit bulls in my community. Fortunately the vast majority  of communities have recognized that the overwhelming majority of people who own pit bulls are NOT criminals -- and for the few who are, they deal with them via the existing animal cruelty laws. 

Dog fighting is not everywhere. That's simply not possible.

Let's seek out and punish the small minority of people who commit these crimes (and thank you, ASPCA, for doing that), but let's not fuel the hysteria that brings down the rest of the pit bulls and families who love them.
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Yes. This.
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