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Darwin's Kidneys has moved to Darwin's Kidneys at Word Press. Be sure to visit us there!

What would be the difficulties in imagining life on Saturn's moon Titan?  Why would liquid methane require a very different kind of biochemistry from liquid water?

Here are some speculations on the difficulties that life on Titan would have to overcome in order to evolve in a liquid methane environment.

What are the difficulties life on Titan would have to overcome to evolve in a liquid methane environment?

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Diseases with an upside!
Diseases with an upside. By Rich Feldenberg Since life’s earliest emergence on planet earth, disease has been our constant and unwelcome companion.    Even the first single celled organisms were susceptible to break down, nutritional deficiencies, and harmf...

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New Blog site
Darwin's Kidneys has moved to Be sure to visit us there!

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Can we genetically engineer Rubisco to feed the world?
Today’s atmosphere is brought to you by Rubisco. Fine makers of oxygen since 3.5 billion B.C. By Rich Feldenberg If you happen to peak outside on a nice sunny summers day to admire the green grass, shady trees, and pleasant bushes, your field of view is, in...

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Origins Sunday: Making nucleic acids may have been child's play on early earth
Below is a link to an article describing some interesting research showing that simple chemicals like hydrogen cyanide HCN, and hydrogen sulfide H2S, in the presence of ultraviolet light can react to produce the precursors of nucleic acids.  These chemical ...

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Fossil Friday: Thar She Blows; Whale evolution.
Thar She Blows: Evolution of whales! by Rich Feldenberg Welcome back to Fossil Friday.  The evolution of the cetacean group (marine mammals like whales and dolphins) is one of the coolest and most beautiful demonstrations of a clear link of fossil evidence ...
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