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Video coverage from the "TimeScapes" screening in Las Vegas:
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Cant wait to download my copy Tom. Great work, its been a long time coming but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
Count me officially "under the influence".
I cant wait for my preorder to come in
congrats +Tom Lowe . Question, can you list what the special edition contains? Maybe a preview snippet you could post online? Thanks!
you made a grown man cry. +million cool points. so stoked to see this. thanks for the vision +Tom Lowe :)
The Creator is blessing you +Tom Lowe for presenting the true beauty of our natural existence. You are a true artist and one who we can all aspire to be more like. Thank you for helping to open my eyes!
SF Bay area screening on May 4th? There was a teaser tweet, and I'm dying to see it in a theatre. 4K would be a real plus...
I cannot WAIT to see this +Tom Lowe, any chance of a list of showings?
Just watched the blu-ray. Most excellent. The VLA sequences are just wild.
Just watched it as well. Awesome in 1080p... Once I have the ability to playback 4k, I'll get it again.
i just watched the trailer in 4k. amazing! any chance i can buy it on the play store?
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