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I could never have peace while ignoring the crimes against humanity's weekness, finished within a weak...
I could never have peace while ignoring the crimes against humanity's weekness, finished within a weak...


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Follow us: Almighty God has the most symbiotic, effusive, eloquent, exclusive, cacophony-of-endorphins for the length and breadth of eternity you DO NOT wanna miss;

...yet, God Almighty also gives U.S. free-will in this weary, lifelong demise, thus, what ☆WE☆ sinFULL mortals DO determines our destiny for eternity - Im a Near Death Experiencer, out for almost a month, saw the CelestialCity.

Hell is totally real, yet Satan keeps it quiet to get moeNmoe peeple to fall: TWO peeple I know quite well were warned by God they were facing damnation if they didn't turn their lives around - my Pop who was a psychoanalyst/neurologist at Menningers living for the world AND the other one whom I wont give his name because it would B bad P/R - trust me when I say he's a pretty-witty, kick-ass-radio-host.


This lifetime aint gonna last, pal, and L'diablos aint dying-out. If you're a laissez-faire, wishy-washy-Christian who looks at their watch on Sunday to be damn sure they aint missin' the football game, Jesus'll spit-you-outta-His-mouth into Hellfire. Jesus prefers dudes with a lil' moe B A W L S in the cranium to enter Seventh-Heaven, bro.

I'm just an atom at the foot of the Cross ...yet, what a nuclear explosion to those souls who're at a loss.

PS: ALL we need to enter the Mind of Christ: John 21:25
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🆘️Few know anymoe, Curly:

When our eternal soul
leaves our mortal body
to meet our Divine Author,
only four, last things remain:
death, judgement, Heaven or Hell
according to the deeds WEE mortals
accomplished in our expired existence.

⬆️Im a re-boot NDE⬇️
If you're RIGHT,
you'll see LIGHT -
follow that to the Elysian Fields.
Let's be tethered2forever Upstairs.

Find-out what RCIA is and join.
Make Your Choice -SAW
trustNjesus, earthlings.

⚠️DO NOT⚠️ take the Mark of the Beast;
otherwise, we'll be in two, different eternities.
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Q: is sex allowed in Seventh-Heaven?
A: wanna populate the whole universe
and many beyond? Yep. I assure thee.
Many universes far beyond our own.
Then, you better live RIGHT
with thine eyes on the LIGHT.

Q: is sex allowed in Hellfire?
A: if you get past the godawwwFULL stench;
the exceptional, fireant heat;
the 24/7, larger-than-life terror,
the utter decay,
the No-End-thirst,
the myriad of torment,
the nasty, Fuggly creatures;
the BIG spiderz & risque roaches...
how mucha wanna betcha
satan's never gonna letcha, child?
Precisely cuzz Satan doesnt like love.

Make Your Choice  -SAW
God bless your indelible soul.
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Dunno if you saw this before...
yet, here it is once moe, curly:

Greetings, earthling! Need summore new-fangled-thots N ideers? Look no firdr, brudda. Can't stay long. Done gotta git, Paw... yet, if Im a sower, we plant the Seed; if Im an artist, we RITE the Word: Would U please help a plethora of King Size, wildchild, rawkuss poetry/wordz which are lookin 4 a home in thy novelty?? Thx. Whew. They're pretty insane. They're bereft of reason. Oi! Blimey! They're bloody PINK spiders!

Gotta gobba lotta shrewd, surreal, supersonic, sardonic satires, sassy N savvy elixers N electronic elegance (and palpable nuance) on our YOUTHwitheTRUTH blogs. Wannum? Have'm. N'joym. Gettm outta my hair!!!How mucha wanna betcha our sugar-high-mojo, pleasure-beyond-measure, fuse-blowin-exploits R a copious madhouse of one lavish bookay D.O.A.? Our proFUSE NRGod who leads U.S. to explosive fairy-tales in the 'one-stop-shop' symphony Upstairs? Almighty God's the BigDude, the Owner of ElysianFields, the Grand Prize, the Austere Overdrive, NoPurchaseNecessary: our bombastic tenaCITY on a Hill which'll plant the Seeds 4u2 grow-up to new N greater heights!! Mama mia! Thatsa good pasta!!

CAUTION: our 22ish, avant-guard, accurately-atrocious, offa-the-reservation-like-Jimmy-Hoffa, metal breadcrumms R sooo out-of-order, toots, they're an intimate wealth of bottomless sophistication. And dats da lethal fak, Jak. Yeah. Go ahead. Sue me. Yawn. But, yet, here's the perennial KOO D'TAH: who else has actually SEEN the Great Beyond in spirit & lived to tella youse bout the bionic, bloated, brevity-like-earth we're living on?? Yes, earthling, Im an NDE, almost salivating4salvation. So gain altitude, never attitude: death has no intrinsick favorites.

If Mr. abSUREditty's an ultra-great-reward, and not everyone enters, Q: why is it an excruciating deluge of epic-.357-caliber where the quality's a limitless bulldozer plowin, pushin-your-power-cord with eternal goodies? A: the Prize-A+-TheEnd just gives U.S. moe-curley-graphix 2 VitSee: an explosion-of-extravagance which few R asking 4 anymore! Grrr. They're too concerned withe grotesque sanity of ambivilant piss-ants which swiftly crawl like lemmings to their scorecard destruction. C'est la guerre.

THANK GAWWWD!!! the Don has the ebullient BAWLS!!! to do the Manifest Destiny!!! To lead U.S. forward to the White House Upstairs with his SQUARES!!!

So, break-free, earthling; be like a contraversial outgrowth of incredibly-intoxicating-effusiveness in your zeitgeist to give the ultimate, stunning, backknuckle potency: Wiseabove. Wanna join this useFULL idiot Upstairs 4 the most zany, kooky, X-acto-knife antidotes? Extremely exquisite, explicit endorphins in abundance? Puh-lenty of pulverizingly-tantalizing psychopathic psychosomatics with eXtras? i2i-kick-velocity's-ass-ultra-maximum-rocket-fuel-party-hardy at my pad ya ever encountered without d'New Joisey accent 4 an eternal slew of precarious, magnanimous & primeval absurdities indelibly etched in the granite corridors of eternity with a total-barrage-of-melt-in-thy-mouth 'depth-of-undenial'???

Make Your Choice  -SAW
...cuzz nobody gitts outta here alive, earthling.
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If ya follow the LEFT too long, America,
how mucha wanna betcha?
you'll be on the LEFT at your Judgement?

Concerning the Warning coming from God Almighty:
The Warning SHALL happen and the whole world will
be effected; God's Warning will last 20ish minutes and it'll show us THREE things:

--> a picture of Hellfire, less than 7ish minutes (20÷3):
you DO NOT wanna go there for eternity;
--> a picture of Purgatory which most see, go to, and leave;
--> and Seventh-Heaven where the elect reside where can
can do anything you wanna besides mass on Sundays
which none leave.

after that time SIX, WHOLE, WEEKS. you have the chance to repent and believe - dunno much else; this came about in 2000: Saint Faustina was the harbinger. Besides...

Our Lord sed to Saint Gertrude:

'It is impossible that anyone should not receive all that he has believed and hoped to obtain; it gives Me great pleasure when men hope great things from Me and I shall always give them more than they exxpect'

DAT DA FAK, JAK: All of U.S. soonerOlater bite-the-dust;
then, our soul leaves our body immediately to wiseabove
while our mortal body slowly decomposes;
then, we're Divinely Judged on how worthy our lives were
according to the first two Commandments... which are:
loving God and loving thy nay-bore;
then, if you did, the Gates of Heaven are flung open wide,
if you did NOT, you're either sent to Purgatory or Hell.

Lookit on the R index to see mo scriptures which'll help U.S.

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Don't you fear God anymore, America (FEAR means AWE and RESPECT)? Don't you treat Him with awe and respect anymore? If you don't, you're an utter fool. Here's why:

1-outta-1 will upNcroak, pal;
1-outta-1 shall receive their sentence immediately
(doesn't matter if you're an atheist -
Jesus laughs, son);
1-outta-1 will be placed LEFT or RITE;
1-outta-1 will have an extremely long time to think...

You may consider our lives to be TheEnd, atheist. While that's true as death - our mortal bodies rot/decompose six-feet-under, our INDELIBLE soul rises-up to meet their Maker awaiting our Divine Judgement based on what WE sinfull mortals did in our wee lives.

Once Im ascended, however, there's gonna be the MOST massive, rock-solid, exclusive, effusive, contraversial, party-hardy the universe has ever seen and I'll consider those in Hellfire as negative 666 trillionth on my list - gotta mucha better things to do than venture DOWNTOWN, mama mia, in search of soulless bodies, like, being a faithfull servant to my countless numbers of gorgeous, Seventh-Heavenly girls.

PS You cannot turn-off the Light Upstairs simply cuzz you cannot turn-off God's sexual Being or desire... unless you went to Hell. Yeah. I stand by those words simply because God as a Woman made the universe for U.S. to inhabit: She needs someone to impregnate Her with bawls, lotts-O-bawls (in the cranium).

P♡S If you didn't lissen in Sunday School, now would be a great time: HOW2BSAVED/wiseabove2BWm4vr: 1) love God and 2) love thy nay-bore in this existence finite...

Make Your Choice -SAW
Chop, chop, pal.
... Im so totally NOT concerned about what others think;
Im only concerned about what Jesus thinks.
You have it sooooo backasswards, America.

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Dear, you're not in charge. God's in charge. He'll let you THINK you're in control and let you go your own way... yet, sometime soon, He'll send the Warning warning U.S. God's in control; God'll then, after SIX WEEKS, actually let YOU go to Hell through YOUR own choice due to FREE-WILL. Aint that nice? How He let's U.S. do whatever-the-Hell we wanna?? Enjoy thy stay (Vade Retor, Satana! Ipse Venena Bibas, fatuus!)

Yes, I gotta lotta holes in my soul - precisely what makes me a human being. Yet, I know I cannot reach Seventh-Heaven without God. Thus, Im moreRless wholly - 89.98% wholly according to CNN. Puh-ray-zuh God!!!

Doesn't matter if you're a democrat or the opposite. God's in charge. And if God's still in control, when we all croak, we gotta stand before the Trinity (simply 1 God in 3 Beings - the TRI/nity) 'splaining our repulsive abortions and filthy homoism, the TWO biggest, mortal sins the human race has to offer God.

I know the world is FULLA glitter and glamour, trinkets and baubles, inexcusably distorted and contorted by the sly Snake... yet, 1-outta-1 bites-the-dust. So, no, toots, you aint in charge. Neither am I.

Yes, mosta U.S. are like the deer-caught-in-the-headlights of this o-so-passing world, especially Hillary with her quest for moreNmore power, even though she's gonna perish like U.S. You go, o'er-the-Hillary: an offensive odor is already perceptable, palpable. Exactly why I pray, pray, pray for the salvation of our indelible souls.

Got Jesus? Git Jesus and git firewall Seventh-Heaven.
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I realize this is farNaway beyond any other superfluous objective mosta U.S. mortals can conceive; nevertheless, while I didn't DESCEND into the Abyss o'Misery for my sinfull past (puh-ray-zuh God!), I did ASCEND till I saw the Celestial City far away, as you'll find with our 22ish blogs: the only other realm which Im most inflammably, passionately insane over.

So, lemme fill-you-up withe efficacious epiphany, the avant-gardeness and necessary wisdom to achieve Seventh-Heaven, dear, if you desire Seventh-Heaven - many, many don't, preferring to stay whorizontal till they dropp(ing) on Satan's floor like a turd, preferring to stay 'laissez-faire' (French: I dont care) till death. DO NOT choose to be at death's hour divided in mind. Go for it, people; go for the Heavenly Gold. God'll reward you with a PI of wealth.

If 'freedom lies in being bold' (-Robert Frost), doesn't pushing-the-envelope also result in the Elysian Fields of Utopia? If Im the sower, we plant the Seed; if Im the artist, we RITE the symphonies heard Upstairs ☆IF☆ we accept His lead withe orchestra...

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If you follow the LEFT tooo long, America,
you'll be LEFT at your Divine Judgement...

Yes, mosta the world has a speech problem - they tok too much, adamantly refusing to lissen to a Word from Upstairs... yet, for most peeple who cannot differenciate their TWO heads and haven't seen Seventh-Heaven like I have, they remain like lemmings falling OFFA d'cliff like Jimmy Hoffa, schtuck on this fast erroding planet without a moral compass; they don't get it, they dont realize the Holy Spirit's presence nor presents.

I've always felt quite different all through my lifetime like when I constantly PHARTED BLASPHEMOUSLY at the dinner table (quite funny. still do it. that's why I dont date), almost as if Im some subdivision of some other species; I guess Im only of the Great Beyond which I shall return to shortly just like Satan flew DOWN when Saint Michael did the jumbo-size-can-of-whoop-ass.

Why else does a moth fly from the night than to a bold, attractive candle Light? Dont let His extravagant brilliance be extinguished, girl. You're creative, yes? Then, fly-away with U.S. to the antidote:

Meet me Upstairs, dear, where the Son never goes down from a far-reaching, VitSee-ing, YOUTHwitheTRUTH: you'll find nonillions X nonillions X nonillions... of deluxe-HTTP [<- pi] opportunities for excitement; where you'll love an endless eternity of aplomBombs falling on thy cranium, an XtraXcitinXpose with no zooillogical-expiration-date, an IQ much higher than K2.
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