Warm Up this Winter with a Residential Fireplace in El Paso

Want to make this winter brighter? How about having a nice warm fire outside for everyone to sit beside on a chilly night? Pass out the marshmallows and sticks and gather around your awesome outdoor residential fireplace in El Paso.

It’s no secret that having a fire pit in the back yard is a huge appeal for anyone wanting to make their home exceptionally welcoming for friends and families. Outdoor residential fireplaces are quickly becoming a popular choice in El Paso and it’s easy to understand why.

Honestly, the advantage you have with a well- constructed fire pit outdoors is that you have less to worry about with regular maintenance and clean up as you would typically have with an indoor fireplace. Plus, you can’t beat the freedom you feel with the wide-open sky right above your head. El Paso is the southwest after all and cowboy country is known to be all about outdoor fires in the desert with a guitar and some tasty jerky nearby.

Here at K.D. Scholten Co. we specialize in making all kinds of residential fireplaces in El Paso that compliment your home on the inside and outside. We can design a fire pit for your back yard located in a safe place with all the features you want such as a safety covering, brick or stone customized seating and much more. Let your imagination roam because there’s no reason your backyard can’t be utilized to its fullest potential this season and any time of the year.

Make this winter brighter with a backyard fire pit this winter. For more information on building your residential fireplace in El Paso, call K.D. Scholten Co. at (915) 833-1452 or 800-479-1452.
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