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Casey Ryan
verifiably awesome.
verifiably awesome.

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Have to share these amazing 2015 #subaruwrxsti   cars. Literally beautiful. #Subaru   #detroitautoshow  
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Just got back from the Detroit Auto Show. Only had a few hours, and most of that I was working. These are the shots I got off for fun.
North American International Auto Show 2014
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I could actually see me start to use this google thing more often actually. Its pretty nice when I'm on the road.

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I think its funny how little people actually use this service.

hmm new g+ layout. interesting.

google plus, I need to use you more.

in an effort to update this more I am changing my stream.

So I'm not using google+ like I thought I would. heh. figures. nothing will kill facebook.

Sitting in a Panasonic meeting, day 2, getting hungry.
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