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The Spanners Series
Are YOU ready for the changes? Sci-fi/ Romance/ Paranormal/ Multiverse/ Utopian series, Adults/NA/YA
Are YOU ready for the changes? Sci-fi/ Romance/ Paranormal/ Multiverse/ Utopian series, Adults/NA/YA

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+The Spanners Series' new deals! All from Timult Books
JULY deals!
Volume I, “This Changes Everything,” is 25% off $17.99 = $13.50 (ebook is permafree).
Volume II, “This Changes My Family and My Life Forever,” and
Volume III, “This Is/Is Not the Way I Want Things to Change”: ebooks are 75% off $3.99, down to $1!
Paperbacks are 25% off $19.99 = $15 each!
MUST use for CreateSpace to use the discount code found on on 7/1/16 on the paperbacks and Smashwords for the ebooks' discount coupons.

Usually, the best deal is that if you buy these books via Kindle Matchbook, each ebook is only $1.99 when purchased from Amazon along with the paperback version for Volumes II and III at full prices!
Amazon URL book numbers: for Vol I = B00HFELTG8 (ebook is already free); Vol II = B00KU5Q7KC ; Vol III = B0177Z1KRM
OR use  for CreateSpace to use the discount code found on on the paperbacks

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"4 Books Exploring the History and Impact of Science-Fiction"
By MATT STAGGS on +Unbound Worlds 

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Follow this page to get updates! I'm going to post more when I return from the "Schrödinger Sessions II: Science for Science Fiction Writers" that I have been invited and sponsored to attend. Very excited!

There are writers coming from all over the USA who write sci-fi for TV, films, magazines/zines, and every length of the genre from short stories to full-length novels. Some have been nominated for Hugo/Nebula awards, Emmy awards, Oscars, etc. I am humbled and delighted to be joining them this month!

JULY 28, 2016 to JULY 30, 2016,

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Ava DuVernay will direct "A Wrinkle in Time" !

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Just found about this project about the life and work/books of Ursula K. Le Guin:  Can't wait!  
Help it happen if you can afford to do so, at Kickstarter!          19 more days! 

"'Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin,' filmmaker Arwen Curry’s feature documentary, is ramping up production. Curry and her team have launched a Kickstarter campaign, Feb. 1, 2016, to raise the last of the funds they need to complete the film.

"Since 2008, they have filmed dozens of hours with Ms. Le Guin in some of the spectacular real-life places that inspired her fantastical worlds. You can donate to the campaign and/or help by spreading the word."

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National Book Giving Day 2/12/16: 25% off Sally Ember, Ed.D.‘s The Spanners Series’ paperbacks and other discounts!

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Any other multi-format authors feel this way? I am about to get my first paycheck from Amazon for paperback sales, which makes me feel more legitimate as an author than getting my first paychecks for ebook sales did. #realauthornow 
+The Spanners Series if you'd like to increase both my feeligs of being an authentic author and my next paycheck (PLEASE; this one was under $10.... LOL)! 
10% off all three paperbacks or any one of them on CreateSpace with code found on my site!

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Be great to get some RT for the ongoing sale that includes many G+ author peeps and provides G/PG and PG-13 Fantasy and Sci-Fi books through 12/31: 
RT ‪#‎YearEndBlockbusterSale‬ 2day–12/31 ‪#‎FSFnet‬ ‪#‎CR4U‬ ‪#‎scifi‬ ‪#‎fantasy‬ G PG PG-13 ‪#‎TheSpannersSeries‬ ‪#‎free‬ & 99 cents 
or use

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SHARE! Find great #fantasy and #scifi SALE! G, PG, PG-13 Fantasy & Science-Fiction Network! Join on FB #FSFnet  

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#HOLIDAYs  IDEA! Give #giftcards# to a bookstore with an annotated #reading list & URLs tailored to each recipient! 
Support #authors!  
+The Spanners Series 
Remind them to leave comments/write #reviews after reading!  
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