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It's #FlattrFriday yet again! What are your recommendations this week?

My own weekly post is upcoming later.
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I've not Flattr'd this week yet...
Flattr'd a podcast episodes and some blog articles (unfortunately all in German), also gave three new subscriptions to projects.
+Tris Linnell well it doesn't have to be from this week. :) Something out of the blue is great also, and links are awesome.
+Matthias Fromm as said above: links are awesome. ;) And #FlattrFriday posts on G+ are more awesome. :P
+Jürgen Geuter "Not many has read it" but you got loads of comments! :P ;) Anything else?
Okay, here are some links to what I've flattr'd this week. #FlattrFriday

- Episodes 59 and 60 from the Hoaxilla Podcast made by +Alexander Hoaxmaster >>>
- Episodes 05, 09 and 15 from the Steampunk Podcast made by +Alex Jahnke >>>
- Episode 1, 2 and 3 from the Timeshift Audio Sci-Fi Drama >>>
- Episode 78 from the omegataupodcast made by +Markus Völter >>>
- Episode 73 from the MobileMacs Podcast mady by +Tim Pritlove >>>
- Episode 19 from the WRINT Podcast made by +Holger Klein >>>
- Episode 11 from the 1337kultur Podcast made by +Martin Haase >>>
- Episode 36 from the NSFW Podcast mady by +Tim Pritlove and +Holger Klein >>>
- Episode 01 from the Skeptoskop Podcast mady by +Alexander Hoaxmaster >>>

Blogs and Blogposts:
- Research Blogpost by +Florian Freistetter concerning the "Planning Research for the Future?" Conference >>>
- Postprivacy Blogpost by +mspro dings >>>
- Blogpost on politics and public participation by +Christian Scholz >>>
- Blogpost on the Pirate Party by +Mathias Richel >>>

- +mspro dings on Flattr >>>
- TalkonTopics Podcast >>>
- Clockworker-Blog on Steampunk mady by +Alex Jahnke >>>
- Blog by +Mathias Richel
Would it be annoying if I asked you to make a new post with it, that I could reshare? :)
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