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After reading a post about that it's more likely to encounter males on this social network (not sure if it's a problem) I decided to toss together the girls I've circled into one and share with you.

What kind of girls have we got? Geeks, politicians, arts/crafters, musicians.
And they are from all over the world.

Bonus: I also added the page of +Girlfriend Social - The Social Network for Women since they can provide some extra content.

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In Facebook and Twitter I have a lot more girlfriends. In g+ and most are men (or so they claim :P). And while I don't really have anything against men, I would prefer to have more girls in my circles.
+Hanna Pietikäinen I just added you like yesterday I think. I'm not really fussed but I like the diversity. And I like giving people the spotlight sometimes, this time it's for girls. :)
I noticed you in the "suggestions" and it crossed in my mind that I've seen you in #ratholeradio so I thought hah I'll circle her. :P Anyway I too would like to see more diversity.Obv I have knowledge only about my own little nook in g+, but it could definitely have bit more girls. :P
I have never count girls/boys not here not in, probably i have more boys but usually is more about finding interesting things in their posts, cause you never know who is really behind (i think many years in IRC) , you know in internet no one knows you're a dog. So i don't mind. But good to see the girls revindicating themselves.
I'm a computer geek (databases, graphic design, web design, web development, social networking etc.) Creative writing geek (weekly writers group + nanowrimo), Art geek (pencil/pen and ink, digital etc.) Book geek (readaholic, like fanfiction etc.) Music geek (indie and mainstream, podcasting etc.) ;)
Hey Thank you so much +Marie Axelsson for the mention! :D I see lots of ladies here.. guess its all who you end up circling :) Great share.
And to add, I'm a Linux geek and all sort creative stuff geek.
Glad you liked it! :) I forgot to add myself to it, so when it's shared I don't get circled. But hey, I'm not doing this for me
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