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Marie Axelsson (maloki)
geeky, exhausted, step-by-step, day-by-day.
geeky, exhausted, step-by-step, day-by-day.

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In case you missed this:
I'm working on a way for me to find an alternative to a typical 9-5 job. I've come to accept that it's not really possible for me.
If you want to read more about my thoughts, my journey or just help me out, check out my Patreon page:

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Stream is going live, playing Thimbleweed Park again. On pt. 3 of the story.

Let's see how the puzzling goes today. No backseat gamers please, other than that, feel free to come and hang out in chat and watch me fail at obvious puzzles!

#Twitch #Stream #Gameing

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Month is almost over! Goes so fast!
Can we reach 40 pledges on my patreon?

Supporting people with $1 adds up!

#patreon #passion #jackofalltrades

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“Remember that people who seek to make others miserable are miserable themselves. Most of us couldn’t imagine consciously attempting to tear down another human being through our words, and that’s because most of us are not in a place of such deeply rooted despair and self-loathing… I came to understand that a person who is so accustomed to violence from within does not know how to function without creating external violence, as well. Understanding this does not excuse the action of the aggressor, but by recognizing the source of the aggression, we can choose to extend compassion and understanding rather than returned aggression and venom.” ~Ashley Arcel

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Pre-stream music!

I'll be playing Thimbleweed park tonight.
Feel free to drop by! :)

#gameing #twitch #stream

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In a relationship with Anxiety

Essay about how it is living with anxiety, and what this relationship entails.
CW/TW: anxiety, suicide ideation, abusive relationships, self harm. 

Meh! My WP blog connection with G+ is bugged again. It posts my blog entries to here only to myself... Fuck sake! 

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Stolen from Facebook because this is clearly +Bruce Shark

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Here we go! We have now launched the Joinmastodon landing page, to introduce new users to what Mastodon is!

And, the instance picker is now in place on which the introduction also leads you to.

Nice progress has been made! \o/
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