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+Robin Laws And +(Anyone else who knows Heroquest)
I'm looking for help to figure out how to work out a push your luck mechanic in a game I want to run. Do you have any recommendations?

Basically the more they rely on it the more likely some sort of backlash will come. Calling on these powers every once in a while has some small risk, and the PCs have to balance risks with rewards.

The game is set in a Mad-Max/near future post-apocalyptic setting were there are "gods" or icons of the wasteland that can be called upon to grant favors. However calling upon these icons is dangerous and can cause backlash. For example calling upon The Survivor allows a hero to raise their defense or boost any skill directly being used to survive, but it can cause a person to lose touch with other people.

For most of these icons the benefit for the players will be equivalent to a hero point when they successfully call upon the icon during a scene. However at some point, probably at the end of a scene I want there to be a chance for backlash. I want to make calling upon them a push your luck mechanic. It should allow the PCs to greatly boost their abilities but comes at a price as using icons draws a character under their influence or incurs other prices.

The world has been ravaged by war, plague, greed and pollution, with human civilization all but collapsed. There are a few remaining glittering cities of high technology run by ruthless corporations. Most of the land is deemed the uninhabitable wastes dotted with lesser settlements and citadels where there is no law but those laid out by those with power. The world is generally hotter and hostile and survival must be earned, and often basic humanity has an even higher price, but there are a lucky few that can call upon the favors of icons to get an edge, to pull out more from this world.

The Dealer – Works with people. He provides a little extra luck to find the right words and forge a silver tongue. Dealer provides boosts in social situations. Backlash causes problems with technical skills.

The Fury – Gives a bit more in battle allowing one to gain the upperhand and defeat one’s enemies, but she only provides the pain; she does not stop it. Backlash causes problems with survival skills including defense.

The Techno – The machine is still listening. It can give insight into what once made humans into gods. Techno will help you get machines running and those machines will aid you in any way imaginable. However reliance on technology makes one soft. Backlash limits ones ability to fight for oneself.

The Survivor – Survivor will keep you alive in the harsh wastes when you have no one to rely on but yourself. Listen too closely to her whispers and you won’t be able to hear the voices of your fellow man. Backlash takes away from social skills.

Corporate – Corporate owns everything in the world, even if the world doesn’t know it yet. Anything can be bought from Corporate for a price. Corporate usually demands payment upfront, but reasonable installment plans can be negotiated. Oh, shipping and handling isn’t free either. Backlash means Corporate’s prices are not as reasonable.

The Masses – They always find a way in. Where people gather and faces dissolve into the unknown sea of a crowd, the Masses make their home. They can provide, food, comfort, power to overcome one’s enemies and, in a way, shelter, but they often demand blood and can take one’s mind before you realize it is going. Backlash means madness and loss of self.

Petro – It is the blood of the gods, and now it is free, but it’s victory is not complete. Petro gives the gifts of chemicals and power. It gives machine’s strength and provides powerful weapons. Careful not to breath too much. Backlash means poison, exposure, chemical burns.

Gaea – Wounded but not dead. The earthmother has great healing powers, but none to spare to humans. She may provide aid in some circumstances to protect life and nature, but most of her powers are being used to fight back diseases, of which humans are one. Backlash: None. Gaea does not answer the prayers of men.

I'm working on setting up a Heroquest Glorantha game set in 1624, where the PCs are(or become) heroes of their clan, and I'm looking for some help with clan names. I've given their clan the name of Red Branch because the initial adventure idea is initiated with lightning striking the clan's sacred site, the Crying Tree, doing harm to their magic and the PCs have to figure out why and how to restore things.

I am trying to come up with good names for other clans and to place their clan on the Gloranthan map. So far I have a rival clan to the south, who's priest of Orlanth and several others were seen riding away from the tula just at dawn break the morning before the lightnign struck (red herring they were negotiating peace and did not curse the clan), and rough hills to the East with a cave and strange ritual circle under a rocky overhang. 

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【#Giveaway】Share for your chance to win the all new PowerCore+ 20100 with USB-C! Ends 12/14.

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+Robin Laws +Kenneth Hite If you could have one past real icon of horror/occult alive and attending a game session as either player or GM which person would you have over and why?

An "Icon" being anyone who's added to occult/horror cannon either by writing, performing or otherwise. Also assume they have enough time to or somehow magically learn the basics of what an RPG is. If we're doing resurrections adding in some rules training doesn't seem like too much further a step.

Mine would be Vincent Price as DM for a good D&D game, perhaps Ravenloft.

Question also open to other RPG geeks who might read this.

+David Brin In a recent article you talk about Proxy Activism and NGOs.  Would the likes of the EFF and ACLU count even though they don't directly relate to the enviroment?  I don't think I have the money to join a half dozen but I can support a couple.

+Tracy Barnett Iron Edda is a great setting.  Do you have any forums or groups you would recommend for players to discuss the game?

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Would Kaiju patrol add rules for giant mecha and Kaiju fights? Can we run a Pacific Rim style game glorifying in massive monster fights?
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