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Educating educators... ADE, GCI, GET, DEN Star
Educating educators... ADE, GCI, GET, DEN Star

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The 23rd Annual NICE MiniCon takes place on Saturday, January 28, at Niles North High School in Skokie. Pre-Registration is open at, and walk-in registration will also be available on the day-of the conference. This year we’re featuring a keynote by School Librarian Journal’s 2016 Librarian of the year, Todd Burleson, along with more than 50 sessions, a Student Innovation Space, a raffle, breakfast, and a Pizza After Party. Don’t miss out this excellent PD opportunity at an outstanding price (still only $5)! Invite your colleagues to attend.

Visit our website at and build your Schedule online. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Help get our Hangout Apps back!

If you've ever tried a Hangout on a personal account vs. a work/education account, you can see that all the apps we used to enjoy have been removed. With the recent announcement of the Hangout API being shut down, apps that give us functionality like the lower thirds will likely go away.

So, what can YOU do? Say something.

Using the feedback tool for hangouts, we can let Google know what we want to see in Hangouts. Allo and Duo are Google's answer to iMessages, but it currently only works on mobile devices.

So, what should we say? Well, here's a message that you can quickly copy/paste into the feedback windows for Hangouts:

Functions I'd like to see in Google Hangouts:

1. Lower thirds. Whether in a private video call or a Hangout on Air, the ability to easily see the name of the person speaking is extremely imporant.

2. Soft focus background. Great for busy backgrounds, this allows for a sharp focus on the speaker while everything around was out of focus.

3. Bring back/keep Google Effects. Many people don't like using video conferencing because they can see themselves on screen. However, wearing a silly hat goes a long way to breaking down their reluctance.

Where to find feedback:

New Hangouts: Select Feedback from the menu (three dots in top right)
Old Hangouts: Question mark in the bottom left corner

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In this article from Education World .... "Microsoft says that Windows is easier for a school's IT team to manage than the competition,” Business Insider says. -- So, school IT teams, do you agree?

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Charlene Chausis commented on a post on Blogger.
Awesome video! Does anyone know how the animation is done?

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Need help sharing a Google Drive file (or folder) from an iPad in a GAFE account using the Google Drive App. Sharing is allowed outside our domain, however, we are not given the option to share files, or folders to "Anyone with the link can View" -- Is it possible? We also tried to share this using Safari and Chrome desktop versions, but we keep getting browser errors since the browser is not supported. Can it be done? TIA!!

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Check out what +Dan Russell just published! Registration opens this Monday for a new version of Power Searching with Google that begins on 9/21!

For teachers, librarians, technology-coordinators... or anyone who has to teach information seeking, search, or research skills -- here's my master list of text lessons, accompanying slides, and videos (most < 5 mins long) from the MOOC. You have my permission (and a CC label) to use them in your classes. (If you do, drop me a note, K?) 

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Great (free) Mindset resources that are very useful for school and home
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