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Courtney Silverthorn
"I refuse to apologize for being awesome."
"I refuse to apologize for being awesome."

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Made this tonight with Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Ice Cream whey, sf/ff vanilla pudding mix, butter extract, splenda, 1/2c water and 7 ice cubes. Oh, and sprinkles. NOM. 240 cals and 38g protein

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The power of yoga!!

So, I don't like the new Google Reader. For one, the font size on item titles is too big and nearly everything longer than about 10 words wraps onto a second line and takes up way too much vertical space while leaving the right half of the window completely blank. For another, the new share to G+ option is terrible. I don't necessarily want to +1 something in order to share it (what if I'm sharing it because it's stupid and ridiculous and I hate it?) but also, there's no way to change or delete the preview text and image on a shared item (so when I tried to share today's Married to the Sea Comic directly from Reader, the preview image was a T-shirt ad instead of the comic). -1, Google Reader.

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I had shared this on my google reader, but then decided I didn't want it to be relegated to the 'Buzz' page where like three people will see it. Stick with it to the end - I think you'll be glad you did.

Facebook continues its downhill slide. Exhibit A: "Facebook Ticker" - completely worthless, annoying, and no way to make it go away. Exhibit B: Non-chronological news feed. I want to be able to see new stuff since the last time I looked, not what you've decided is the "Top news in the last 4 hours" and then everything else under "Recent stories/From earlier today" in whatever order you arbitrarily decide.

Fantastic 1-day deal from my yoga studio! 10 classes for only $20 (a 10-class pass is usually $135) - wow! I have been practicing at Flow Yoga Leesburg since April and the teachers are awesome.

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Dear Barnes and Noble - I bought a Nook from you. So why do you exclude all digital content on EVERY SINGLE coupon code you e-mail me?? :-(

"The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously." - Hubert Humphrey
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