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What will you get out of this training session? You will have resumes that will be read, ones that will interest the companies you are targeting for employment and your writing will present you professionally. You will learn how to make companies match their needs with your skills / expertise; thereby calling you for an interview.

Click the link to Register:

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This session is specifically designed to show any and all homeowners how they can build rapport with assessors and research/appeal their property’s taxes every year to guarantee they are minimizing spending. The course will help taxpayers in any and all situations: whether you own a small condominium or an estate, live in your home or not, and whether your home has serious problems or is in perfect condition. Training session comes with a workbook manual so you can do the appeal independently.

➢ Process

Getting to know your Township Assessor
Going to the Board of Review
Filing for re-review
Going to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board
Fighting your tax percentage in court
Tools you can use
➢ Property Research and Appeal

Property valuation methods
Determining if your property has an assessment error
Researching your property within your market
Tools you can use

Tickets & Registration:

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Can Quality be Quantified? 

Not only can it, but it can be applied to improve the overall good-time, environment, economy and political issues we face today.

Order your copy today!

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How do I start my own business? I need to PLAN it FIRST!

"To Plan or Not to Plan?" is a comprehensive master business plan that shows business owners how to build a proper business plan, and all the requirements needed in order to start your own business.

Authored by Dr. John N. Kalaras

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Books on Career Development, Books on Resume Writing, Books on Professional Interviewing...

Order your copy of Career Success, authored by Dr. John N. Kalaras

This textbook will teach you the entire "how to” and “why” you should get the career you always dreamed of, the corner executive office you fantasized, and a promising future with the ideal salary and benefits. The book is all about: Successful Interviewing, Resume designs that produce interviews, Professional Portfolio, Role-played questions and answers, Networking and Social Media resume and interview.
The fact that the book is divided in four distinct parts makes it pleasant to follow and easy to comprehend. Part One: Discusses all the things you need to do well before the interview Part Two: Addresses what you should do immediately prior to the interview Part Three: What to do during the interview Part Four: Suggested actions after the Interview.

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Leadership Training & Workshops

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Business Program

Business Plan Design
Business Fundamentals
Project Management
Hospitality Management
+ Many More!

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IT Management Program

IT workshops, training and classes in Skokie! Visit to see what other IT programs are available in the Chicago-land area, both for corporate training and individual learning
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