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Fashion Industry – 2016 Trends

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”
-Rachel Zoe

… this may be one reason the women’s fashion industry has remained strong in the past five years. Although retailing has had a difficult past five years, wading through changing consumer buying patterns, a new online landscape, and economic uncertainty, the apparel industry has remained competitive. As the number of household incomes in western countries is projected to grow (following the recent economic depression), experts predict this particular industry will continue to remain strong in the next 5 years – an encouraging message for apparel and fashion industries/retailers. So, whether you are a clothing retailer, a small fashion shop owner, or an avid online shopper, fashion and trends is a must for your existence! In the following we will analyze what experts believe will be the most popular trends in women’s apparel for the spring and summer of 2016.

From New York to London, from Paris to Milan, recent fashion shows have played with colors, designs, prints, and textures highlighting the brilliance of the past and glorifying the splendor of the future. These are the trends we are guaranteed to see this spring and summer.


Oversized is in. This style of sunglasses has dominated the runways making big eyewear a must this spring and summer. This trend is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year, making big eyeglasses a safe choice. Continuing on this “bigger is better” theme, Aviators will continue to dominate the world of fashion in the coming year. And, remember those cat-eye sun glasses from the 60’s? Well, for those willing to stand out from the crowd, cat-eye sunglasses are back! These optical options carry the theme of oversized glasses, but add a personal twist to an outfit. Finally, large sunglasses with strange shapes and colors were also displayed abundantly in fashion shows, making this a trendy choice. So here is a general rule of thumb for businesses: If it’s big, it might just be a seller.

Designer handbags

Several online retailing giants have boasted tops sales in designer handbags in 2015. Considering that many online retailers offer many designer handbag sales, this may come as no surprise. Women’s handbags will continue to be a big seller in the coming year as a bag can add personality, fun, and style to any outfit. Bags shaped like animals are expected to be especially trendy this year! If the woman wants a dog, cat, or fish and can’t have one, there is a solution! Also, bags shaped like food (like a cookie/cupcake), items (like a radio, TV, or camera), and faces of cartoon characters are also expected to be very popular in 2016. Nothing says cute like carrying around a small bag shaped like a bag of popcorn. While fanny packs lost popularity in the early 2000’s, they are back … But now, they are back in fun shapes, colors, and designs! Bags with Tassels, chain straps, and fold-over bags (if they come in interesting textiles and colors) are also said to be popular for the first 6 months of this year.


For those desiring a casual look or for girl who must take a long walk to work, sneakers with colorful lacings and unusual heels (such as dark colored or sandaled heels) will be a fashionable choice.
And remember a few years ago when the Creeper Flatforms were all the rage? Well, for those wanting to add a few inches to their stature, the Creeper Flatform is back. Combined with a sandal-like top, this shoe is expected to be very popular this summer. Finally, taking into consideration lasting comfort, and perhaps a spin off from ballet and ballroom dancing shoes, the flat look will also be popular for the spring and summer season. Flats with cutouts that reveal a little skin, or for those with narrow feet, flats with pointed toes add additional up-to-date style and fashion!


Although opinions vary about the most popular colors for the next 6 months, the future trend seems to be a focus on soft, pastel colors. According to BGFN Magazine, the top two most stylish colors are Quartz Gray (a slightly romantic very soft gray color), and Oyster Pink (a light nude pink color which can be applied to many different types of fabrics). These top two colors can be applied to footwear, to headwear, to dresses, to handbags making this color choice a flexible option for apparel organizations.

This coming spring and summer bring many choices for your personal wardrobe, the shelves in your store, or for your online clothing inventory. But, a question for business owners remains. How can you go about locating these various types of apparel for your business? It may surprise you to know, it’s actually quite easy. You have the ability to easily choose and compare styles, colors, prices, and providers of various fashion items directly from the shop of the manufacturer. offers you hundreds of apparel manufacturers from which to choose. You can browse thousands of items on one website.

For example, if you desire to purchase various styles of women’s handbags, you can search by category or by entering a keyword (much like you would a Google search). Your choices are numerous, but also more direct and focused than a random Google search. You also have the ability to connect directly with the supplier, enabling you to perhaps do a little negotiating.

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