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Balaswamy Vaddeman
married to bigdata
married to bigdata

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Error Categories in Apache Pig
When you are working on Apache Pig you might see some error codes with some error description. I would like to discuss those error codes categories so that It becomes easy to progress  for error resolution. Apache Pig categorizes error codes into four group...

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Finally my hard work paid off.
My second book on Big Data "Beginning Apache Pig : B ig Data processing made easy" (First book as an author) went for publication.
Need your support. Wish me good luck, spread a word and if possbile read it and give me feed back.
Credit goes to : Teachers, Parents, Spouse and Children

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Enabling debug logs on Apache Hadoop

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Hadoop file system check
fsck command scans all files and directories in HDFS for errors and abnormal conditions.  This has to be run by administrator periodically and also name node runs it and fixes most of the issues periodically. Below is the command syntax and it needs to be r...

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Hadoop job might fail due to invalid gzip files
We can use compressed data formats like gzip ,bzip2 and LZO in Hadoop. Gzip is not splittable and is suitable for small files.bzip2 is splittable,though lzo is by default not splittable we can make it splittable.I have seen many people also using gzip files...

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Analysis of Cloudera customer case studies
Cloudera is a leading big data vendor in the world. It is providing Hadoop support and training services to it's customers.  I always used to think how big data customers are deciding a vendor. So for fun, I have downloaded all customer case studies of Clou...

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Analysis of MapR customer case studies
For fun, I just wanted to do analysis of vendors like MapR,Hortonworks and Cloudera. So started with MapR. I am interested to know what benefits customer are getting or expecting from a vendor? Tools they are implementing, domains of the customer and migrat...

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World wide big data job market
In this weekend I did some research on big data jobs world wide.For this analysis I took big data job postings from most of the job portals for January 2015.I would like to share some of the insights I got on the same.This might help big data job seekers. B...

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Word Count using Cascading
In this Post we learn how to write word count program using Cascading .And we run it in local mode on windows within Eclipse.Cascading is a platform for developing big data applications on Hadoop.It has got many benefits over other mapreduce based tools. Ca...

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Word Count in Pig Latin
In this Post we learn how to write word count program in Pig. Assume we have data in the file like below. This is a hadoop post hadoop is a bigdata technology and we want to generate output for count of each word like below   (a,2) (is,2) (This,1) (class,1)...
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