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David Filskov
Any gadget or interface can probably be enhanced - I love to find out how :)
Any gadget or interface can probably be enhanced - I love to find out how :)

Can SaA still not record sleep during a flight or in airplane mode and sync it afterwards like Pebble and Fitbit?

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Please consider adding these:

- Rotation of the entire watch-face.

- Placement, rotation, size and colors of the indicators (disconnected, flight-mode etc.).

- Dimmed color setting for non-text layers (e.g. battery) would be really useful - right now you need to create two identical layers with different colors showing in bright only and dimmed mode only respectively.

- Add (in addition to Display Always, Bright, Dimmed and Never) display when:

Not adapted/fullscreen only
Shifted up only
Partly shrunk only
Shrunk to show all only
(and perhaps when Shrunk or shifted only)

How come 'Card Settings' is inside the watch face editing mode? - card settings aren't saved with the watch face are they? - they should really be in Settings in the main menu, right?

A note: The Beta sign-up - and Leave link disappears in Google Plus (the app) once you're a member of this community.

This makes it really hard to leave the beta - or join it again if you're a member here.

The reason is the Beta register link is in the About section which disappears (on the Google Plus app) once you're a member of this community. Very confusing :)

When upgrading from Premium to Premium beta WatchMaker Preimium beta says "... needs storage access .. follow the instructions on the watch ..." but then the watch says Google Services stopped (OK) - happens every time.

I fixed this by switching away from the (default) WatchMaker watch face and back to WatchMaker again (after WatchMaker asked me to resync the apps due to mismatching verisons).

Bug: The beta version doesn't work with Huawei - the Watchmaker watchface doesn't appear on the watch.

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ROTATED (Round) 20 degrees for RIGHT and LEFT wrists.

(I'll make 45 degrees rotations too)


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Rotated round digital simple 24h watchfaces with large digits, week and month number. Its rotation makes it more readable with no need to move your hand in front of you.

The (very) dimmed version saves battery and doesn't blind in very low-light.

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Pebble Time vs Smartwatch 3
Pebble Time Smartwatch 3 Quick access to most functions Customizable shortcuts Advanced watchface editor Dismissing nofitcations syncs to the phone Readable in low light with no backlight Always-on mode in color No waiting times opening a new screen Attachi...
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