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Montana defies Citizens United decision. Calls corruption as it is. Of course, will likely be overturned.
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It makes an important statement, regardless of whether it's overturned or not.
Very cool, whether or not it stands. I hope it get's lots of attention. Thanks for sharing it.
I don't think it will necessarily be overturned. It applies to state and local things, not federal. The states have a lot more control over that, even with incorporation of the Bill of Rights (and not all of the Amendments have been incorporated, as I understand it).
Yeah, but state and local election law is subsidiary to federal law. That's what lets the (federal) Justice Department slap down stuff like poll taxes or other attempts to disenfranchise voters. If this is decided purely on jurisdiction, Citizens United definitely is controlling. One of the dissenting Montana justices said as much, that he really wanted to vote with the majority, but felt that he couldn't because of CU.

I think the only question is whether Kennedy will change course after seeing the mess his decision causes in the 2012 election.
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