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Concerning facts - Every Perspective Matters

Tweeted #News Network & twenn for #iOS
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"one of the best twitter news feeds on the app market" - via  CRN - read the full story here:
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Business Travel News - via

- GDSs
- OTAs
- Travel Technology
- Airlines
- Hotels and more...

#GDS #Hotel #Technology #travel #amadeus #travelport #Sabre #americanairlines  

#Hotel  #Hotel #Technology #travel #amadeus #sabre #tnooz #travelweekly #AA
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Gather important Twitter news post in one spot with Twenn for iOS devices. Check out The Daily App review to learn more about one of the best twitter news feeds on the app market.
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We provide all recent tweeted news around the world well organized both regional and local
We are redistributing Global and Regional Tweeted News Headlines from as many sources as possible.

Tweeted News Network (twenn) is basically as the name suggests. Using a simple method, twenn redistributes news headlines, which have been posted on twitter by multiple sources. This is done irrespective of the size of the source; for example, posts are gathered from bloggers, as well as news agencies, journalists, tv/radio stations, magazines etc.

Why is it different:
  • Easy access – all headlines gathered in one place
  • Fast – just scan the latest 30 headlines
  • Fresh content every 5 minutes (TOP 30 HEADLINES)
  • News is News. There are no MORE and LESS important news stories.
    • All news is treated equally, based on the time of announcement.
    • There is no separation/prioritization of  news from capital cities – major cities – counties – countryside
  • Multiple sources – leads to:
    • Multiple perspectives 
    • Multiple Journalist/Editorial Opinions
    • Less political influences
  • Not only the opinions of  large agencies  are voiced
  • Instantly locate more than once source referring to the same subject
    • Reader can share headlines directly!
How it works: We redistribute to our readers all the latest News Headlines, which have been posted on twitter by their legitimate authors. The reader then has two simple options; either to click on the link provided (by the author), and read the full article, or to share the tweeted headline of his preference via a social network (twitter, Google +1, Facebook). All this provides more than one more way for increasing traffic on the author's page. And it is absolutely FREE!

Who is eligible to subscribe: We do not want to exclude anyone; however, like every healthy private project/concept there are some rules, designed to ensure our visitor's a quality News Headlines experience.

We list twitter profiles which post News Headlines, followed by links to their full articles.
We do not list twitter profiles which are being used for personal communication, those which continuously advertised products/services (in a spamming way), or those which flood readers with too many messages (e.g. 20 posts in the same minute/second!). Such accounts will be excluded since people are visiting twenn to get the latest News Headlines, wanting to read headlines from multiple sources, rather than from a solitary source which tries to dominate the feed line and draw attention away from the opinions voiced by other sources.

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