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R.J. Blain
Beware of Sanity, it bites. Writer. Favorite Genres: Fantasy & Science Fiction
Beware of Sanity, it bites. Writer. Favorite Genres: Fantasy & Science Fiction


Okay. My cat is done posting her reviews for today. More tomorrow!
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Air & Ash ( has earned four paws, a tail swish, and a purr from the cat!

While no book is purrfect, my human and I really enjoyed this romp across the high seas. This is one of those weird ones where it has a bit of sort of romance, but it's not your usual romance. But, it has cannon fire, flying body parts, and lots, and lots of death. And naval combat, plus death. Death like this makes this kitty's heart happy.

My final verdict: this is just different enough to stand out from the crowd, and magic in this one has a terrible, terrible price. Which my human likes a lot.
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The Cat's Review of Hex and the City (Enchanted Inc) (

My human read this one to me, and she's thinking about getting the rest of the series. It's a bit light, with just a touch of romance--actually, it's just light all across the board, but it's one of those 'in between' stories. I give this one two paws, maybe a third on a good day.
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Discount Armagheddon ( has earned a Meeeeooowww~ Er, 4 paws and a purr from the cat!

Have I mentioned this one before? If not, I should have. My human likes reading me this one. It's so funny. It's so fun. She purrs at the world, the characters, and everything about this book.
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Cupid's Curse ( ) has earned 3 paws and a hiss from the cat!

My human and I usually aren't fans of cheating stories, especially when one part of the couple is the cheater. It's established pretty early on Jack (a girl!) refused to love again because her partner cheated on her.

My human really liked the premise, and there were some great moments of humor, but... my human prefers her second chance romances to avoid the cheating stuff.

But for those of you who don't mind the cheating trope, this book might be for you. It was interesting--and it's rather interesting how Cupids are in it to turn their hearts to stone and become immortal--if Eros doesn't interfere and make them fall in love.

The cards are definitely stacked against the Cupids...

This is contemporary romance with a touch of magic.
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My cat is about to take over my SF/F collection and do her work for once in her furry life.

She is not sorry for flooding you with all the reviews.
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I'm not one to like missing deadlines, but this one zoomed right over my head, threw confetti on its way by, and said, "So long, sucker!"

As a result, I won't be posting my reviews to my collection until after the completed book is to my editor... very soon.

My editor is being a very good sport about this and hasn't drawn and quartered me... yet.

To be fair to myself, the book is already 30,000 words longer than anticipated. Oops.
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Dear Clients, Past & Present,

I am putting together an autographed book shelf of projects I've edited or formatted. I'm in America now, so shipping is no longer a drastic obstacle.

If you could contact me with costs and shipping for the titles I've worked on with you, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to get as complete of a collection as possible.

You can blame +Ellis Morning for this, as she sent me hers, and they're absolutely gorgeous, and I now must catch them all.

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Hey, Plussers.

I know I've been saying I'll be all sorts of more active on here. Well, I have a legitimately good excuse for have taken shelter in the bunker.

I've been frantically working on the Royal States novels. Null and Void, which is the first book of the set I'll be releasing, goes to the editor tonight... mostly.

(I'm a day behind schedule, but this will get done!!!)

Since I'm planning and scheming my first solo bestseller run (expecting failure but hoping for the best) I'm taking a several pronged approach.

First, I want to get several other books in the set out so people have a chance to fall in love with the Royal States world, too.

A long preorder period will help, too--which I got my filthy paws on. Rawr!

For those of you who have read my books, the Royal States books take my favorite parts of writing the Witch & Wolf and blends it with my favorite parts of the Magical Romantic Comedy world.

It's fun. It's a bit crazy. It has drama from various sources.

In some books, the action and excitement isn't physical. In others, it's all about the physical action and excitement.

The books have different levels of magic, too. For some characters, their magic is as integral to them as breathing.

For others, it's a hint of smoke on the wind.

As soon as I finish null and void, I'm going to go back and review all the books I've read recently! Well, my cat has reviewed recently. There are a lot of them.

Boy, are there ever a lot of them... so keep watching my collection. I expect I'll be posting everything on Thursday or Friday. :3
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The problem with me and social media is simple: I get busy writing, and I forget to do things like post.

In the next few weeks, I'll churn through my huge review list of sci-fi and fant books and get the reviews posted. They're already written and shared with my newsletter, but I just haven't put them in the collection yet. I'm trying to make a deadline so I can release the first Susan Copperfield book something like four months early.

So, speaking of Susan Copperfield and the Bestseller Run of Doom, if you could do me a favor, I'd super appreciate it. I'd like to get a bookbub on the first book in the set at some point, but I need bookbub followers to help with that.

If you have a few minutes to click this link and follow it over, I'd appreciate it.

Beyond that, I have two pictures for the Royal States coloring book sketched and inked, just need to scan it with some other coloring book pages I did for some other folks.

Beyond that, literally nothing else going on. I'm a very boring person lately.
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