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R.J. Blain
Beware of Sanity, it bites. Writer. Favorite Genres: Fantasy & Science Fiction
Beware of Sanity, it bites. Writer. Favorite Genres: Fantasy & Science Fiction

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As I do every year for my birthday... new book release celebration, a free book giveaway, and an autographed book collection up for grabs, including four Jeffe Kennedy novels, two Mel Sterling novels, one Grace Draven book of your choice, and three autographed books by me once I get to California in June!

The downside... you need to hop over to facebook for a chance to participate:

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In case you couldn’t tell by the excessive number of exclamation points, I’m really excited about what’s going on this week. First, May 16 is my birthday, and I’m celebrating as always, with a new book release and a free book giveaway. I won’t be making…

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General quick update for those who don't follow me on facebook (where I mostly hang out.)

I have new cover art. I don't remember what I last shared, so you're getting the whole shebang of +Holly Heisey cover art for this year!

Water Viper Update: Editor is working on it still. It's progressing. It'll be done when it's done.

Hoofin' It Update: Will be in Editor's hands as soon as Water Viper is finished.

Silver Bullet: Goes to editor after Hoofin' It. Still have some drafting work / editing fixes to do, but I figure I'll have them handily done on time or at least panic when Hoofin' It is half edited.

Wolf Hunt: Goes to editor after Silver Bullet. Have minor rework/editing work to do on this one before it's ready for editor. Expect about a week's worth of work, so that's in pretty good shape. Go me!

I made some more progress on Rider of the Sun Horse, too... I'm tentatively confirming it goes to the editor after Wolf Hunt.

Back to the fray.
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I really enjoy Danielle Bourdon’s royal romance books. In December 2015, I bought six books of this one series. I had a formatting issue, which was kinda taken care of… and then I read the ones in cloud reader because well, I couldn’t read them on my…

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We all have something we’d like to do ‘one of these days.’ It’s a little bit like my unreleased shelf of shame; I toss the manuscripts that I feel should never see the light of day. A lot of my ‘one of these days’ items involve books of some sort. In…

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So many disclaimers, so little time. I’ll make a list. I have a cold. Expect nonsense. I’m bored. Expect nonsense. I’m not looking for naughty books, but I will find them. Expect mockery–and nonsense. I had coffee. Expect the fucking nonsense already. Who…

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Hey folks! Want to get a new short story each day through April? There's a fancy doohickey where you get to read a new one each day. Pick and choose the ones that interest you.

Since we can't count, there's 31 stories for 30 days in April--I know this because I have story #31. Who needs math when we can have extra short stories??

Also, because there were some late additions... just trust me when I say we can't count. We're too busy reading.

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Ah, the flavor of putting my foot in my mouth. So scrumptious. Not. One thing I love about being an indie author is being able to shift my schedule around because stuff happens. Stuff has happened. Mostly, the stuff that has happened is entirely my fault.…

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Playing with Fire (A Magical Romantic Comedy) is on sale as a countdown deal for those in the US until March 9. UK readers, it’ll be on sale between March 5-12. (I’m sorry I forgot about you. I do love you, but Amazon’s tools don’t… A nice reader in the…

Hey, folks. So, a basic life update.

My husband was bumped back several steps in the immigration to the US process, but we're... making forward progress again? They held onto his passport for so long we have to redo his medical exam, which likely means he has to redo his base-level interview again.

In theory, we could be moving within two months if everything goes well.

So, this week I'm doing a lot of house cleaning, and next week might end up looking the same, fitting in any form of work while I can in the meantime. I'm still hoping to stay on schedule with Water Viper and Silver Bullet, but we will see.

(I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...) Actually, I'm fairly sure I can, as I'm at the implementing my editor's commentary and proofing stage of Water Viper, although Silver Bullet has a great deal of work left to do on it before May.

I still think I can do it, though.

So, back to the grind. The house isn't going to clean itself.
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