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Chapter 1 Digital and Media Literacy
During the first few paragraphs of the first chapter I was reminded of the video we watched where the baby was trying to work the magazine like a tablet, the situation described is a second grade student is pretending that their black and white composition ...
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Discovering Media Literacy
Yay!!! I have finally received my book!!  I will be blogging on Discovering Media Literacy, Teaching Digital Media in Popular Culture in Elementary School by Renee Hobbs and David Cooper Moore.  I thought it very fitting since I am a 5th grade teacher.  Thi...
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Letting Go - Chapter 7
  It was sad to see
this book end, because as a future teacher I wanted to learn more and more
about her practices and her classroom.  I wanted a day to day detail outline so that I can produce the same type of results.   As Donalyn Miller is close to endin...
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Chapter 6 Cutting the Teacher Strings
6 gave me some good insight on what is considered traditional practices we see
in the classroom regarding literacy and what she considers alternative
practices that we can try and employ to create more lifelong readers.   Here are reasons on why Don...
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Walking the Walk - Chapter 5
  The saying “Do as
I say, not as I do” does not apply to Donalyn Miller’s class.   She is very much an avid reader and this is
why her students really trust her opinions and recommendations concerning
books.   They see her reading along with them
and they ...
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Reading Freedom - Chapter 4
    How does a good
reader choose a book?   Is there a right
way or a wrong way?   In the opening of
this chapter Miller leads a discussion with her students on ways to choose
books.   It is all about honesty in her
classroom, so it is nice to see that she ...
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Chapter 3
I have read great
books where I will lose track of time and before I know it a couple of hours
has passed by.   I will sneak in another
chapter when I should be doing homework.   I try to make and find time in my day to get another couple of minutes
of read...
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 started
with the beginning of Donalyn Miller’s third year of teaching.   I think we all remember the first days of
school as a student.   I remember the
excitement of starting school and buying new pencils, folders and a backpack.   I know, I’ve a...
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