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Batteries Included: TurboGears Makes Web Applications Easy
Batteries Included: TurboGears Makes Web Applications Easy


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TurboGears 2.3.11 is now available on PyPi

Changes in this release include:

* When configuring authentication it is now possible to provide ``('default', None)`` as an identifier to set custom identifiers and retain the default one.
* Python 3.6 is now officially supported
* Invalid requests (like GETs with a body) will not crash ``decode_params`` anymore.
* ``tg.util.webtest.test_context`` no longer depends on ``WebTest`` and can work on a plain ``TGApp`` instance.
* ErrorReporter now supports ``trace_errors.smtp_port`` option.
* ``trace_errors.enable = False`` can now disable error tracing middleware even when backlash is available
* Improved Kajiki template not found error message
* Support for datetime.time in json encoder
* Extract i18n from python code in kajiki templates by default
* Support for IPython in tgshell command.
* Add support for migrations from multiple databases when more than one database is involved.
* Fix for SCRIPT_NAME in login in quickstart template.
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For all +TurboGears users out there, the Web Chapter includes a few interesting recipes to implement features provided by TurboGears and the Backlash debugger with the plain standard library, so you can use them with any WSGI framework ;)
Very relieved and proud that the Python Standard Library Cookbook is finally out!

I hope I that the recipes in the cookbook will entertain and maybe teach something new about the standard library to as many Python developers out there as possible :)
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First full stack application running on the new configuration system!

Next major release, TurboGears 2.4 will feature a fully reworked configuration system with pluggable components which is now finally able to run a full stack application quickstarted on 2.3!
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TurboGears 2.3.10 now released ( )

This release introduces some major changes in response management for non HTML responses. This is mostly aimed at people implementing web services and JSON APIs on TurboGears.

* Fixed unicode error messages in validation_errors_response
* Added support for strip_text in kajiki templates
* Transaction manager no longer sets current path as not (fixes crash with transaction 2.0.3)
* Improved deprecated features warning reporting
* Allow custom error pages to only render for specific content types through errorpage.content_types option. ( )
* Custom error pages no longer will render for content types != text/html
* Fixed ``tg.abort`` passthrough support, now properly skipping error pages and authentication ( )
* Changing ``tg.response.content_type`` in controller actions will now properly change the rendered template when multiple ones are registered.
* Documented request attributes and methods that previously were not.
* Exposed ``request.disable_error_pages()`` and ``request.disable_auth_challenger()`` to skip custom error pages and auth challenging in current request ( )
* It is no longer needed for ``lib.helpers`` and ``lib.app_globals`` to be imported into ``lib/``.
* Controller Actions can now return ``None`` for a 204 No Content response.
* Returning ``tg.response`` from a controller action will now return the response as it is instead of creating a new copy of it
* JSON renderer now accepts rendering only a part of the dictionary returned by the action through the ``key`` render_param ( )
* It is now possible to return JSON lists instead of objects from actions by using ``render_params={'allow_lists': False, 'key': 'values'}`` in ``@expose`` and returning the list in ``values`` key of the action returned dictionary.
* ``script_json_encode`` will now encode as JSON lists and iso dates by default.
* Fixed scaffolds for templates in newly quickstarted projects ( )
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Kajiki 0.6.0 released with some major improvements in handling text nodes and multiline expressions.


* Fixed ``py:switch`` error message wrongly mentioning ``py:with``
* Support for multiline ``${}`` expressions
* Subsequent text nodes are now squashed into a single text node. This allows translating whole paragraphs instead of single sentences.
* Allow code and function calls inside tag attributes
* Added ``strip_text`` option to XMLTemplate and i18n collector to ensure leading and trailing spaces are stipped by text nodes (also leads to minified HTML)
* Some HTML nodes that do not require being closed but is commonly considered best practice to close them are now emitted with ending tag (IE: <p>)
* Generally improved code documentation to lower entry barrier for contributors
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tgext.routes 0.2.0 released with dispatch continuation support. It is now possible to continue dispatching with a different dispatch system from the target of a route.

This allows to continue with ObjectDispatch or other routing systems from the result of a routes dispatch.
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If you never noticed it, tgext.utils 0.0.2 is now available on PyPi.

tgext.utils is a collection of common TurboGears utilities that add support for more features typically used in web application and that are not provided by TurboGears itself.

This currently includes: vanity urls (slugs), CSRF and social meta tags.
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tgext.pluggable 0.6.2 is now available on PyPi.

The release now allows rendering partials from submodules without the need to import them into the parent modules.

It also includes changes from 0.6.x series which add support for `primary_key` utility on mongodb a fix on Python3 and support for kajiki based pluggable apps
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tgext.admin 0.7.4 released. This if a bugfix release with a minor fix for BootstrapGroupedLayout on Kajiki
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