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Powered by my little +jQuery Reel open-source plugin :)
If you loved the films, why not design your perfect DB9 with the Aston Martin Configurator?
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Congratulations, Petr.
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As I said once already, it is just great to browse some of my favorite sites and stumble upon +jQuery Reel employed on one of my favorite sites!
The next best thing after being at a car show like Paris Motor Show is using +jQuery Reel to display the car's entire spin on the turntable it is parked on. Over at +Jalopnik they already have a 360-mode tag for these - - so we can be expecting more of these!
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Title of this video is unrelated to the actual content and so is the thumbnail. The video is far more interesting and is about robotics, AI and artificial curiosity.
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cz: Planeo Elektro Svitavy: Nemají DVI kabely, jen VGA a cituji "DVI ani nikdy neměli"... Tím mě fakt rozesmál XD No chápete to? Jak dlouho už je DVI mezi námi? 14 let? Mazec..
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When he is not flying around Earth at about 18,000 miles per hour, out on space-walks or performing weird zero-gravity experiments, astronaut Don Pettit takes some of the most astounding space photos ...
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Banán v magnetické rezonanci.
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Also found this interesting article over at Source, where guys from +TheNewYorkTimes, seasoned Reel users I must say, mention +jQuery Reel as one of the tools they used to create hugely successful Snow Fall interactive story.

Check out the interview with the team and be sure to experience the story by yourself:

If only I was able to find where exactly they used Reel! :D
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Christmas has come way too early this year! New +jQuery Reel 1.3 has just been released.

Besides usual fixes, and performance improvements, we now have:

* Javascript-less initialization!
* Support for gyroscope (where available).
* New event for animation to frame and stop.
* HTML5 responsiveness.
* On-demand initialization option.
* Improved touch detection.
* Data values substitutions for URLs.
* More convenient events interface.
* Multi-row locks.
* ...and that still isn't all!

Checkout the full changelog -

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Imagine world without money...

"We are star dust stuff harvesting star light." - Carl Sagan
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Stop ACTA..........Praha !

Asi je na čase něco říci ! Chodí mně mnoho psaní, kde jest psáno..že dané věci nerozumím, a že se pletu do věcí do kterejch nemám. Dobrá...ž