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So....this is my first attempt at putting my opinions and knowledge about London life into action. 

Where to start?

Maybe it is easiest to start with what I did last night and give my thoughts about my choices....

So, Gordon's Wine Bar, a London favourite, and also one of my favourites!  Sunshine, good wine, seats (get there before 6 to achieve this goal on a weekend!). 

This is no 'modern' wine bar that accomodates all types of people who drink all types of drink on a Friday night, it is in fact a wine bar and only sells wine.  It has specials of the day, they sell half and full bottles and the bar staff know what they are doing (although they look pretty scary most of the time - understandably as they are running around and are incredibly good at keeping an eye on who is next).

So, I could give some history of the bar but I think that is someone else's job, I am here to give my opinions. 

Despite not giving history, I can say that the outside area is large and where I like to meet friends in the evening any day of the week as it is convenient.  It's a good place to catch up where you can actually hear each other and there are (from what I have seen) no try hard foolish people who particularly get on my nerves.  The inside is old, cavernous, brick, wooden tables, very oldschool and very good for a date (although good luck getting a table!)  You can sit and stand by a barrel if you're lucky!

The toilets let this place down a great deal as there are only 3 ladies and although I have a very simple quick to the point rule while in the toilet, this queue can take a while to get through!!  I would be lying if i said that haven't used the men's toilet cubicle in the past - it was disgusting!

So after drinking some glorious (inexpensive) white wine, I went over to the Nest in Dalston where some friends were djing and some old school dj's, the plump djs, were headlining the night.

The Nest I have issues with as most of the time it is too dark to see in front of your face, and the smoke that fills the room doesn't help.  I found that last night the band I got to see were far too loud, and I actually had my fingers in my ears because it sounded like I was in a drumming fury.  This may have been down to the sound man, as I have previously been to the Nest and had a joyous time.

There are plenty of try hards as it is Dalston, and I have at times felt quite old in there and had to remove myself and go and find a more appropriate bar down the road to enjoy.

All in all on this night, Gordon's Wine Bar rated much higher than the Nest but I expected nothing less as unless I am at a festival and having lots of fun in a field with unexpected twists and turns, I actually like to be able to hold a conversation with my friends when I'm out, and the Nest does not allow for this.  (I should say that I missed my friends set, but I'm sure they were as usual, amazing!)
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