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Real Estate Agents of Google+
The Google+ Hangout for Real Estate Agents Who Want to Network and Share What Works!
The Google+ Hangout for Real Estate Agents Who Want to Network and Share What Works!

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Are any of you doing your own staging?  A tight budget prevented my darling clients from being able to afford a "professional" so I decided to do it myself. I have to admit was the most fun I've had in a while.  Here is an article I wrote on the transformation process with several Before and After photos. Would love your feedback and thoughts on staging/preparing a home for market. 

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Wondering how to really tie "social" into the home buying experience?  Well check this out!

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We were recently invited to an event by +The Corcoran Group and they used the cool new Google+ Event invite.  This is one tool we should all be paying attention to as it was super simple to block out our calendar directly from the invite. We'd love you to share your best idea for using this tool in your real estate business?

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Anyone check out the +Trulia ebook?  I downloaded it and there are some pretty funny stories.

I know everyone is pressed for time these days but how many of you plan to add Pinterest to your social media arsenal for your business this year?  Do you think it's worth it or just a fad?

So how many of you have a business page in addition to your personal profile?  With the recent changes to Google Local it appears it's going to be necessary as we can't link personal profiles to Google maps.  Wish they would merge the two as I really don't like having two separate identities here...that's so Facebook:)  Anyone else starting a business page?  If so share your link!

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Do you agree with this?  On a side note...anyone else use  I love it!

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Great training video by +Sean Goerss on the impact that Google+ Local Pages will have on real estate agents.  If you haven't been paying attention to your page now is likely the time to get active again!

I was already dragging my feet on switching to the FB timeline and now Google+ changes as well. So which should we focus on. What do you all think of the changes. I keep hearing they are improvements but alas I just haven't had time to address all the contant changes in social media world. Do any of you have a social media guru on staff or do you all do everything yourself? I think I see an opportunity for someone well versed in real estate to open up a business targeted toward agents and managing the chaos:)

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Wondering what everyone thinks about Jay Thompson's (Phoenix Real Estate Guy) decision to join Zillow. Sell-out or good move? For those that don't know Jay has been a big supporter of 3rd party listing integration and has participated in much debate over the need or desire for sites such as Zillow and Trulia. He was particularly vocal regarding the recent decision by a few larger brokers to sever ties with these sites (sort of makes me wonder if he didn't already know he was leaving). Anyway, I'm curious what everyone thinks.
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