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Martial Arts Training with a Smile
Martial Arts Training with a Smile
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Think horse stance is just for exercise. WRONG!

Check out my NEW video/article... then mount up and ride that horse to glory! :)


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If you don't know how to manage distance in a fight, you are headed for failure!

In this video, Sifu Randy Brown of Mantis Boxing shares some tips on putting yourself in a position to survive, not die! :)

Read the article on

Contact Randy Brown Mantis Boxing:

Happy training! :)

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People always ask me how to stretch for higher kicks. This is what I tell them!

I don't stretch much anymore.... but back in my Tae Kwon Do days, one stretching technique helped me improve my flexibility more than any other...

It's called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation or “PNF stretching”. Don’t worry about that-- just remember, “squeeze and release”.

I break this technique down in the video below and in an article over on my website:

Either way, take a look and give it a try! :)

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What is the BEST martial art?

That’s like asking, "What’s the best movie?” Or, “What’s the best food?”

It all depends, right?

The short answer is there is NO SUCH THING as the best martial arts style! But that doesn't mean all styles are created equal. So, how can you figure out which style is best for YOU? Let's start by asking two questions...

First question: “Who are you?” Are you 28? A senior citizen? An eight-year old kid?

Are you strong or frail? Aggressive or shy? Did you lose a leg in a bear attack?

Seriously-- how can I recommend ANYTHING to you if I don’t know who you are or what you've been through? ...I can’t!

Second question: “What do you want?” Are you interested in martial arts just to get in shape? For self-defense? Are you looking to compete in tournaments?

How do you feel about swords? Backflips? Gongs? Are you looking to train for a couple of months or your whole life?

Surprise! Even if you figure out the best martial arts style for you TODAY, it may not be the best style for you TOMORROW! Time changes everything.

Consider this-- each martial art offers a DIFFERENT experience. That experience might be PRICELESS to you at one stage of your life, but WORTHLESS to you at another.

So, the really question isn’t, “What’s the best martial arts style,” it’s, “What is the best martial arts style FOR ME… TODAY?”

To figure that out, I've got four quick tips for you...


All of them. Sign up for a trial class or just go sit and watch a class.

Either way, go in and get the vibe. If you feel comfortable, sign up. If you don’t, well, then get out of there and move on to the next one. Don’t overthink this. Just trust your gut.

Oh, and don’t let anyone bully you into choosing a style. This is YOUR journey, not theirs.


There are some styles that get made fun of all the time, like Aikido, Systema, Karate, or my beloved Kung Fu. But I've known guys in each of those styles who you'd definitely want on your side if a fight breaks out.

That’s because, in the end, it’s not about the style, it’s about the PERSON practicing the style. One style may not be better than another, but a teacher can sure be better than another!


If you’re not sure about the teacher or the style, well, then just take a look at the people training there.Ask yourself, “Is that what I want to be doing?"

Think about it—your fellow students are a window to your future. If you want to do what they can do, well, then sign up and do whatever they’re doing!


Look--even if you were sure you had the best teacher of the best style in the world, if you don’t practice, you’ll get nothing out of it! There’s a lot more to martial arts than walking around in a hoodie with a famous person's face on it.

Remember—a style serves the student, a student doesn’t serve the style. If you're lazy, you're going to suck no matter what style you pick. So, whatever style you practice, PRACTICE!

FINAL THOUGHT... There’s a lot of trash talk out there between different martial arts, which is ridiculous because we're all on the SAME TEAM!

The big difference isn’t between the people who practice this style and the people who practice that style, the big difference is between the people who practice martial arts and the people who DON’T.

I got news for you--to the people who don't study martial arts, we're ALL a bunch of weirdos!

That's why we should stick together. If you practice martial arts, then I’ll bet your life has gotten better. And you want your friends and family to share that same experience, right?

So, instead of trashing each other’s arts, let’s start promoting them—ALL OF THEM! Because I’d rather see my friends and family training in a style that I don’t practice than not training at all.


Keep fighting for a happy life!

Thanks for SHARING! :)

To catch all my videos and podcasts, check out my website!

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Whether you're a beginner or an old pro, here are 5 tips to get more out of your martial arts class!

To read the transcript, check out:

Let me know if I missed any! :)

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People always ask me how to lose weight. Here's what I tell them.

For the record, I'm not a doctor or a dietitian, so my advice is based solely on my personal experience with food.

I've actually talked about food before on my podcast. To listen to Black Belt Diet Tips, click here:

If you'd prefer to read the transcript for this video, click here:

No matter what-- keep fighting for a happy, healthy life! :)

#martialarts #selfdefense #karate #kickboxing #kravmaga #kungfu #tkd #bjj #fitness #diet

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The spinning back kick is a powerful strike... but many people make a BIG mistake when they throw it!

Don't be one of them. Check out this simple tip and fix your kick immediately!

Let me know if it helps! :)

Written summary here:

#martialarts #karate #taekwondo #kickboxing #kungfu

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My interview on the Whistlekick Radio Podcast!

Host Jeremy Lesniak was very patient as I ranted and raved about martial arts and life for a FULL HOUR!

But if you want a couple of laughs and a few life lessons form my journey, check it out! :)

#martialarts #happylife #karate #bjj #kungfu

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Are you afraid to spar? Scared of a real fight?

It's okay! You can overcome fear. Here's a video that might help.

Or READ the article:

Keep fighting! :)

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Great article by Sifu Randy Brown! 
‘Emotional Control’ - this often sought after, and rarely attained, side effect from martial arts training. We envision the wise old master sitting quietly in meditation, only to turn into a verifiable badass the moment the movie needs an action star to save the day.

What we don’t see, is that emotional control doesn’t really come for free, or as an automatic trait of just taking martial arts classes a few times per week. It doesn't come with...

#trainingtips #sparring #mantisboxing #emotionalcontrol #rolling #brazilianjiujitsu
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