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Martial Arts Training with a Smile
Martial Arts Training with a Smile

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Think horse stance is just for exercise. WRONG!

Check out my NEW video/article... then mount up and ride that horse to glory! :)


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In this episode, I sit down with my Kung Fu teacher, Sifu Matt Ember, to discuss a wide range of topics—

--What makes a good teacher
--Persistence and resilience
--Dealing with injuries
--Training into old age
--Teaching in a garage
--Why you should pay for class
--Teacher burnout
--Expressing yourself in martial arts
--Building a legacy

Even if you only listen to a few minutes, I think you’ll understand why I’ve remained Sifu Matt’s student for 20 years!

Happy listening! :)

Thanks for +1'ing and SHARING!
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Have you ever felt a Systema punch?

I have! And believe me, it sucks! :)

Join Menamy Mitanes of Systema Los Angeles for some tips on throwing a powerful punch.

Thanks for watching!

►Menamy's website:

WARNING: The advice and movements shown in this video are for informational and educational purposes only. Consult a doctor before engaging in any exercise or martial arts program.
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Think the bo staff is a waste of time? Think again!

Let Sifu TW Smith show you how to turn this classic weapon into the perfect partner for solo training! Smart stuff! :)

For more info on Sifu TW Smith, here's his website:

#martialarts #bo #workout
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Here it is... my greatest workout tip!

It took me 48 years to figure it out, but better late than never!

No matter how you choose to exercise—martial arts, yoga, weights, running—I believe this simple advice will change the way you work out forever.

Give a listen and let me know what you think! Here's to sweatin' smart!

#fitness #workout #martialarts
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Worried about brain damage? You should be!

It's crazy, but most martial arts do more damage to themselves in the dojo than any bad guy on the streets ever could!

Since talk about concussions has been in the news so much lately, I thought I'd share my advice on how to protect yourself from brain injuries when training in the martial arts.

This topic is no joke, so please make sure you're training in a way that builds you up instead of tearing you down.

Be safe, my friend!


#martialarts #karate #kungfu #tkd #selfdefense #kravmaga #kickboxing
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My interview with Stephan Kesting!

Stephan is one of the most popular and trustworthy resources for martial arts on the internet. He was actually my role model for starting my own website!

It's an honor to bring you this conversation on seeking challenges, dealing with injuries, and the benefits of martial arts training.

Be sure to check out Stephan's sites and his podcast, The Strenuous Life.


Keep fighting for a happy life! :)

#martialarts #bjj #selfdefense #karate #kungfu #taekwondo
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Want to hear an embarrassing story?

This is what happened when my ego trumped humility and crushed my hopes of winning a gold medal at a Science Fair...

...but the lesson changed how I approach martial arts forever!

Podcast and transcript for "I Don't Know!" on the site!

Keep fighting for a happy life! :)

#martialarts #success #selfdefense #inspiration
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NEW! My interview with Sifu TW Smith!

You might already know Sifu Tim as the host of Kung Fu Podcasts... but he's also a dedicated teacher of the Chinese martial arts.

I visited Sifu Tim's school in Raleigh, NC a couple years ago and it blew me away. I think you'll be impressed by what this man has to say and the "old school" traditions that he is keeping alive!

Join us for an inspiring chat about life, work, and happiness!

#martialarts #karate #kungfu #success #happylife
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Had a blast chatting about success and happiness with Sifu Randy Brown of Randy Brown MantisBoxers.

If you've got a few minutes to join us, I think you'll dig it!

Grab a cup of coffee and click below!

Keep fighting for a happy life!

#martialarts #karate #kungfu #selfdefense #happylife #success #podcast
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