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Publishing an ASP.NET 5 (vNext) Application to DiscountASP.NET

#vNext #MVC6 #dotnet5

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Updates to the DiscountASP.NET Web Application Gallery.
#CMS #webapps #hosting #ASP.NET #PHP

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How to use SendGrid for your newsletters or marketing emails #marketingemails #sendgrid #newsletters #bulkemail

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Everyone loves cartoons, right?
Well this ain't exactly Bugs Bunny, but it gives a high level overview of what's going on at Everleap.

The bean abides.

#howitworks #modernhosting #video  

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Tweaking PHP settings with a .user.ini file
Who doesn't love php? Well, it hasn't always been a happy marriage with Windows, let's not kid ourselves. But in the past few years that has changed pretty dramatically, and now you can feel confident about dropping your php apps onto a Windows server.

If you're a php developer, odds are you're usually elbows-deep in the php.ini file. In the Windows world that is a global file and your access to it is probably limited (or non-existent). Enter the user.ini file that lets you make most of the same changes you can make in php.ini. +Tasha Shermer guides you through the steps of creating and implementing a user.ini file in her latest blog post. Check it out.

#php #howto #userini  

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Hey, it's our first blog post!

Also, make sure you join us for our first Hangout On Air on April 24th:

#cloudhosting #introduction   #azurepack  

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Join us for an introduction to the Everleap Cloud Hosting Platform. Everleap CTO +Frank Cheung, an innovator in the Windows Hosting space for nearly two decades will be on hand for a demo and Q&A session. Also joining us will be Dr. +Takeshi Eto, VP of Marketing &  Business Development.

Let us show you why your old host is obsolete. 

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From your friends at DiscountASP.NET comes Everleap, a true cloud solution that bridges the gap between the big cloud services like AWS and Windows Azure and traditional web hosting.

Get all of the benefits of the cloud without any of the headaches or unpredictable pricing. Sound good? We think so, but we're biased. ;)

Check out the How it works  page to get a feel for what we're up to:

#cloudhosting #azure #amazonwebservices  
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