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Jerzy Jarmasz
Enthusiast of underpowered, unreliable European mobile devices in west-end Toronto.
Enthusiast of underpowered, unreliable European mobile devices in west-end Toronto.

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I'm using AOSiP 20170201 on LUX XT1563. I keep getting seemingly random reboots, I can't tell why. I'm sure it's something about my setup, as I have had this problem on all 7.1.1 ROMs I have tried on my LUX, regardless of which kernel I am using etc. But I have run out of ideas for apps & settings to change/uninstall...

Here is an excerpt from the logcat from my last crash. Whole logcat was too big to copy over. Also have the dmesg and kmesg dumps, it they might help.

FWIW I'm using a recent OpenGapps pico, no custom kernel, SuperSU 2.79 SR3. Clean install, which all apps installed from the Play Store but a few (3-4) with data restored from Titanium (then uninstalled Titanium). Not using FB app but I do have FB Messenger (orca) installed. No substratum.

I'm really stating to go a bit nuts from this, really have no clue what's causing the reboots. Hope someone can help.

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Anyone else having apps mysteriously unintelligible/disappearing with this ROM, especially on reboots?

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Good news for the Moto Z lovers (+Ted Salmon wink wink...)

Apologies if this has already been addressed and I just didn't see it, but why does AICP Nougat use RRO legacy instead of OMS?

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Surely of interest to the Community! Especially +Steve Litchfield?? :-)
#MotoMods Amazing! 📷

from @ucanup weibo

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+Justin Tipton so the screenshots I'm posting are my lock screen when using, in order: Rocket Player Beta, 7Digital (music store app with built-in player), Beyond Pod (podcaster), PowerApm and the built-in CyanogenMod music player. My educated guess is that 7Digital, BeyondPod & the CM app all use the build-in generic Android player, whereas Rocker Player & PowerAmp use proprietary audio engines. You'll see that all except Rocket Player seem to somehow allow the ROM to fetch & display the album art & audio frequencies for the lockscreen. So again, I'm not a dev so I have no idea how it's done, but given that these features are activated with a range of audio players I am guessing they call on some generic features of Android or at least CM (my ROM is CM-based). Hope this helps!
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Feature request: any chance of getting RocketPlayer to work with the built-in lockscreen EQ & album art visualizations most custom ROMs support now? Even my 3rd party podcaster is recognized by my lockscreen but RP doesn't seem to be. Not a deal breaker by any means for me, but it would be nice...

Question for the PSC brain trust: can anyone recommend a good Sim/plan for a bit of voice, sms & data for a brief trip to Europe? I'll be spending 5 days in the UK and 2 in France next week, and obviously don't want to get dinged for roaming charges by my (Canadian) carrier. Ideally I'd like something that has great rates for a start stay in the UK but would also be good for roaming in the EU for a couple of days. Any recommendations?

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