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Multimedia Semantics, Assistant Professor
Multimedia Semantics, Assistant Professor

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Gee, how'd Pinterest do that?

Pinterest has updated its "movie and recipe Rich Pins, extrapolating more rich data to enhance the user experience on the platform."

How? Well, for recipes (

We support and h-recipe formats for marking up your pages.

What about movies (

We support the format for marking up your pages.

I think you're beginning to see why I filed this under "". And why this expansion of rich pin data illustrates why being an early adopter of structured data can reap dividends down the road.

While I have your attention, anyone reading this work at (and damn you Google+ for still having no way of + linking a known Google+ entity)? Or know someone that works there? Or at +Pinterest Engineering?

Because this (on all rich pin specification pages) hasn't been true since 28 July 2014:

"Note: If you use the format, we suggest that you still include your site name using the og:site_name Open Graph tag. doesn’t support a site name property."

Au contraire. Allow me to take your og:site_name code...

<meta property="og:site_name" content="" />

... and it for ya:

<div itemscope itemtype=""><meta itemprop="name" content="" /></div>

For any Community regulars that are wondering, I just tested it and, no, JSON-LD doesn't validate. :(

#schemaorg #structureddata #richpins #pinterest

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Really excited about our big news, announcement of Alphabet!

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Une journée-conférence organisée par l’équipe du projet Datalift — dans le cadre du lancement officiel de la plateforme et de l’association éponyme.

Entrée libre, sur inscription

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Thanks to the support of the MIT CSAIL the ISWC 2013 mobile phone app is available now. This Web app will automatically adapt it's UI based on which device you are accessing it on. Access the app at:

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International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) 2013

ISWC is an annual conference best described as the home for Semantic Web and linked Data research communities. Basically, its the best place to meetup, discover, and discuss visions of what the near future holds for semantically enhanced dimension of the World Wide Web. 

This years event will be taking place in Sidney, Australia. It includes visionary keynotes given by industry luminaries such as:

• R. Guha  (Google & -- semantically enhnaced search and the wildly successful initiative  

• Peter Fox (Director Information Technology and Web Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) -- semantics and  e-science 

• Jane Hunter (Head of the eResearch Lab
University of Queensland) -- semantics and Big Data .

General themes across workshops and keynotes include semantic web technology stack exploitation targeting:

• Music
• Crowdsourcing
• Big Data
• Semantically enhanced Internet of Things (re., ubiquitous sensors and data)
• Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Analytics
• Machine Learning
• Healthcare .

Naturally, during the conference session, the items above will provide practical insights into the core technology topics that include:

• Ontologies -- creation, sharing, discovery, and use
• SPARQL -- query creation, sharing, and general use
• Reasoning & Inference
• Data Visualization
• linked Data -- creation, publication, and consumption
• Geospatial Data Access, Representation, and Integration
• e-science .

Finally, as is always the case, there will vibrant industry tracks and posters/demos sessions covering the latest and greatest applications of Semantic Web technology from industry and academia. 


• -- Event Schedule . 
#ISWC2013   #SemanticWeb   #LinkedData   #Web30     #SchemaOrg   #OpenData   #SmartData   #OpenGov   #Web30  

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This year's iswc conference program will feature some new ideas, in particular, (1) merging the paper presentations by subject across the three conference tracks; (2) paper presentations are shortened to 20 mins; (3) we provision for significantly more break times with real coffee; (4) there will be at most 3-parallel sessions; (5) and a dedicated workshop summary session; (6) and last but not least we will have the conference dinner on a boat for the first time in ISWC history!

#iswc2013 #iswc #semanticweb #datascience

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You are a PhD Student willing to attend #iswc2013? Apply for a travel award at … now (deadline = August 15) !
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