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Lars Moelleken
Webdeveloper && Sysadmin === DevOp
Webdeveloper && Sysadmin === DevOp


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Why does mb_decode_numericentity() produce a exit(136)?

Has someone a idea?

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Good blog post about best practices for PHP.

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Portable UTF-8 library for PHP

The benefit of Portable UTF-8 is that it is easy to use, easy to bundle. This library will also auto-detect your server environment and will use the installed php-extensions if they are available, so you will have the best possible performance.

composer require voku/portable-utf8


UTF8::cleanup('�Düsseldorf�'); // Düsseldorf

UTF8::binary_to_str('11110000100111111001100010000011'); // '😃'

UTF8::str_to_binary('😃'); // '11110000100111111001100010000011'

UTF8::htmlentities('<白-öäü>'); // '&lt;&#30333;-&ouml;&auml;&uuml;&gt;'

UTF8::html_entity_decode('&#20013;&#25991;&#31354;&#30333;'); // '中文空白'

UTF8::remove_bom("\xEF\xBB\xBFΜπορώ να"); // 'Μπορώ να'


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Simple MySQLi Abstraction Layer + ActiveRecord



$user = new User();
$user->name = 'demo';
$user->password = password_hash('demo', PASSWORD_BCRYPT, array("cost"=>15));
$user_id = $user->insert();

var_dump($user_id); // the new id
var_dump($user->id); // also the new id
var_dump($user->getPrimaryKey()); // also the new id

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Phonetic-Algorithms for fuzzy searching | #PHP ->
Latest Classes: Phonetic Algorithms (New) - Package: Phonetic Algorithms Summary: Search text matching the sound of word Groups: Libraries, PHP

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PHPUnit | use "assertSame()" instead of "assertEquals()" where possible #php
RT @Brunty: Remember: in PHPUnit use assertSame instead of assertEquals where possible: assertEquals(5, true); // pass assertSame(5, true); // fail

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# My array manipulation library for PHP, called Arrayy!

This is an Multidimensional ArrayAccess Wrapper with support for dot-notation.

$arrayy = new A(['Lars' => ['lastname' => 'Moelleken']]);

$arrayy->get('Lars'); // ['lastname' => 'Moelleken']
$arrayy->get('Lars.lastname'); // 'Moelleken'

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If you are using Windows 10 and you need a real command line interface, then use "Ubuntu on Windows" ... | #coding
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