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Be Confident Your Business Email is Secure - (

How much #email did you send today? How many do you think you received, including newsletters and other non-critical ones?

Although most of us are too busy with work to actually stop and count, it would be an interesting exercise to see how many emails you deal with on an average work day.

While not all of them are essential to the operation of your business, put together they constitute a 100% essential part of your operation.

Now...think about what would happen if you lost all your email for the past year.

It's a thought that is sure to send shivers up any SMB owner's spine...but thankfully, that scary hypothetical won't become a reality if you opt to use the email archive and backup solution from +Dropsuite - Dropmyemail:

Dropmyemail deploys AES-256bit military-grade encryption as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your data in transit and at rest. Using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as our backbone, we further enhance our security with AWS S3’s DDOS mitigation technics such as SYN cookies and connection limiting protection. AWS S3 also provides data availability of up to 99.999999999% of the time. No other storage solution can provide sure an availability. So rest assured that your data is well protected.

Learn more here:

#cybersecurity #business #backup #archive #dataloss

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Never Lose Your Website or Its Data with Dropmysite from Dropsuite (

If you’ve been in #business for a while…let’s say, 20 years or more*…you can remember the days when having a *website wasn’t 100% critical for your operation. In fact, in the early to mid-90s, they were anything but critical as the majority of businesses had zero Internet presence.

Those who thought the whole “world wide web” thing was just a passing fad have obviously been proven incorrect, and now the website of your business is arguably its single most important digital asset. Now, imagine for a moment that your website is gone. Either by malware, natural disaster, or otherwise – and you don’t have it backed up.

Scary thought, right? Thankfully, with +Dropsuite and our Dropmysite automatic web backup solution, that scary thought will never become a reality.

Schedule automatic backups safely and securely, restore everything with a single click, and a host of other features make Dropmysite as easy and effective as can be. Which is good – you focus on growing your business and let us handle your backup and archival duties. Learn more here:

#cybersecurity #website #web #archive #backup #dataloss

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Chrome Users: Beware this New Malware Prompt (

If you use #GoogleChrome and have been surfing the Internet today, you may have likely already seen this bit of news...but +Dropsuite is of the opinion that when it comes to warning people about potentially serious malware, you can never have too many warnings.

As such, even though it's late in the day, we wanted to share this heads up - there is a new bit of malware going around that targets users of the Google Chrome browser and is sneakily deceptive. This story over at +BleepingComputer explains just how it works:

The technique relies on attackers compromising websites and adding their own scripts to the site's source code. These scripts filter out the incoming traffic and load another malicious script only for Chrome users on Windows. This second script will replace HTML tags with "& # 0," which ruins the site's content and displays "�" characters all over the page.

These characters are often encountered on websites and in software when there's a font and character rendering problem. As such, the crooks display a popup telling the user that a specific font wasn't found on their device, and the user will need to download and install a font package update.

Get the full details at the following link...and be careful out there!

#malware #chrome #virus #hack #cybersecurity

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Why More Company Board Members are Caring about Cybersecurity (

Maybe we're biased as a #data #backup and cybersecurity company, but we strongly feel that all stakeholders of a business should care deeply about cybersecurity. There are few things more important to your company.

But it's understandable...after all, board members and other senior members who weren't actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business have bigger-picture items to think about. Then again, nothing could be more important than the digital security and safety of your business and its assets.

And that's why you're seeing more and more board members take an active role in cybersecurity issues, as this +CSO highlights:

Boards of Director are taking an increasingly active role in cybersecurity governance. The question is: what are they looking for and how should you manage your security program to meet their needs?

This topic has been addressed in the “Cyber-Risk Oversight” handbook, published last month by the National Association of Corporate Directors. This is an update to the first NACD handbook, published in 2014. The handbook is just that, a set of recommended practices for directors. You can expect that your directors will be asking you these questions, now or in the near future.

What are their top five questions? Click here to read on and find out:

#business #security #dataloss #lossprevention +Dropsuite

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What Does "Dropsuite" Mean? (

We've been in the data backup and #cybersecurity space for years now, but a question we field pretty regularly is, "What's the story behind the +Dropsuite name?"

Let's explain it a bit. The #Dropsuite name is the fusion of two concepts:

1) We set up recurring, automated “drops” of mission critical data for enterprises so they never lose data again.

2) We offer a suite of software products to fit the data backup and recovery needs of all types of businesses.

Our tagline, “Simply better backup,” speaks to our strength -- we make it easy for businesses to backup their data and our user experience is better than many of our competitors. The phrase, “simply better,” is also a thematic expression of how we do things. Simply better engineering. Simply better work environment. Simply better performance reports. Simply better database migration.

Simply better! Learn more here:

#databackup #datarecovery #data #backup

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Keenondots is the Latest to Partner with +Dropsuite for Backup Solutions (

The more #dropsuite is in #business and the more we prove our solution of helping businesses stay in business by protecting and backing up their irreplaceable digital data and assets, the more companies are choosing to partner with us to offer our services to their customers.

Netherlands-based cloud platform-as-a-service provider Keenondots is the latest to join our ranks, and we're happy to have them on board. Here's a bit of information from the official press release:

Dropsuite Limited is pleased to announce it has signed a partnership with Netherland-based Keenondots (Keenondots) that will see Keenondots’ direct and cloud-based platform-as-a-service end users able to backup and archive emails with Dropsuite’s Email Backup and Archiving product.

Keenondots offers its partners a virtual delivery platform for cloud services on a ‘pay per use’ base, including billing functionality. Currently partnered with 50 resellers, Keenondots is able to assist its partners through the customization and automation of their business, providing end users with access to secure, cloud-based activities.

Learn more at the following link, including the first customer of Keenondots and the first use case:

#cloud #cloudcomputing #email #backup #cybersecurity

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How Do We Define "Simply Better Backup?" (

Let us explain. Research has shown that approximately 30,000 websites get #hacked each and every day. Sadly, if a business website is included in that, many of them never recover and are forced to closed down.

That is the origin story of +Dropsuite as our aim is to be able to provide solutions that will help businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes to help recover their proprietary, irreplaceable, and valuable data when disaster strikes.

How do we do this? #dropsuite operates through a network of preferred and thoroughly vetted partners who combined reach millions of SMBs throughout the world.

We like to say we provide "Simply Better Backup" - but what exactly to we mean by that?

"Simply better backup" speaks to our strength — we make it easy for businesses to backup their data and our user experience is better than many of our competitors. The phrase, “simply better,” is also a thematic expression of how we do things.

Learn more here:

#backup #data #dataloss #cybersecurity #business

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Why Some Cybersecurity Experts are Optimistic about an Upcoming Executive Order (

Regardless of your politics, you've likely heard plenty about President Trump and the record-breaking pace at which he's issuing #executiveorder after executive order.

Some have been controversial, others haven't got nearly as much attention, but one upcoming order has some experts in the cybersecurity industry optimistic.

This +TechTarget Security article explains:

Karen Evans, co-chair and head of the east coast team for the CSIS Cyber Policy Task Force and national director for the U.S. Cyber Challenge, said the task force at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) worked with the transition team and the current administration on issues that should be covered in the upcoming cybersecurity executive order from President Donald Trump.

"One of the big focuses that I hope the administration will go for is looking at how the federal government is dealing with your information. There are specific things dealing with cloud and shared services and how to implement services in the cloud in a secure way," Evans said. "There is a lot pushing towards that direction and using those technologies for security purposes -- to reduce risk -- not necessarily for cost efficiencies or cost savings."

Get the full details here:

#news #cybersecurity #security #trump +Dropsuite

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Tips for a Solid Cybersecurity Strategy (

Even though 2017 is already nearly two months complete (!), it's never too late to make your #cybersecurity strategy for the year.

Whether that means internally assessing your threats and weaknesses, hiring out a consultant to do the same, or having a team of security specialists come in and give you a full report full of recommendations, it's important you get something on paper to build off.

This +Forbes piece offers several tips on doing just that, such as:

Build your foundation: Approach your security capabilities from a device-level, bottom-up perspective instead of the centrally-controlled, top-down view. Security capabilities have not dramatically changed — traditional controls such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and two-factor authentication (2FA) remain relevant. It’s the application of these controls that needs to be re-applied depending on the context of the device or node.

The +Dropsuite foundation? Protecting your digital assets by industry-leading backup and archival solutions to ensure your business can stay in business.

Read the full story here:

#security #business #strategy #dropsuite

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The 2017 RSA Conference is Under Way (

In the world of #cybersecurity - as with many areas of business - there are lots of tradeshows to attend. But perhaps the biggest is the RSA show held each year in San Francisco, and it's underway today.

It seems like each year, the growing specter of cybersecurity issues - malware, hacking, ransomware, etc. -grows exponentially. And given the role it played in the recent American presidential election, this year is no different. This +USA TODAY story has more:

The rhetoric around threat vectors and hacking is always strong at RSA, if only because most of the estimated 40,000 attendees are bent on convincing potential corporate customers that without their products and services designed to prevent or discover hacks, they are vulnerable to attack.

But many attending say concern at this year’s conference is unprecedented, between Russian involvement in events leading up to the presidential election, a botnet attack that took many websites on the East Coast offline for a day in October and an ever-growing rap sheet of ransomware attacks.

Read the full story here:

#security #rsa #rsa2017 #hacking #malware
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