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Why Having Iron-Clad Data Backup is Essential (

We would start this post off by saying that if your #business doesn't have a strong data backup strategy by now that it would make for a great 2018 new year's resolution...but to be blunt, if you don't have one in place by now, you might not even still be in business.

That's why our mantra here at #Dropsuite is "helping businesses stay in business" with our industry-leading cloud backup services. We keep repeating it because A) data backup is our livelihood, and B) you might be surprised to find out just how many individuals and businesses don't do it.

But maybe you need to hear it from somebody else besides us to help it sink in...or maybe a fresh voice will do us all some good. How about one of from the folks over at Practically Networked about a particular instance a network engineer faced where a customer lost valuable data:

"You don't have to suffer the same outcome. Despite the fact that my client was negligent in getting the tape drive repaired, this problem was not unique to them. In fact, this problem has affected many of us -- particularly those users who spend a lot of their time working on the road or from a home office. This problem isn't exclusive to non-technical people. Even some of the most experienced techies I know have often fallen into this trap. As a matter of fact, an associate of mine just recently had the hard drive in his laptop crash. He didn't have a current backup and as a result, lost six months worth of work."

"The point of this is that even though most of us know that we need to do regular backups, the fact is that many, if not most of us, don't do it. So let's take a moment to review why it's important to perform these backups on a regular basis."

Read the rest at the link above, or click here to find out how we can help:

#cybersecurity #data #backup
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Staying Ahead of Today's Cybersecurity Issues while Planning for Tomorrow's (

The battle to be one step ahead of the bad guys and gals when it comes to #cybersecurity - the folks carrying out DDoS attacks, ransomware heists, phishing scams, and all other sorts of malicious operations - is a tough one.

It's also constantly evolving - the security community will come up with a fix for one issue, and then in a few weeks three more will pop up. It's a constantly evolving battle and one that's only getting harder to fight.

Plus, #Dropsuite and other companies in the security/backup arena must also try to innovate for future needs. This balancing act is summed up rather well in this recent article from The Business Journal:

"Threats continually become more complex and harder to detect which makes staying ahead of the game challenging. Successfully defending or preventing a cyber attack certainly requires the right processes and the right technology, but first and foremost, it requires educated, experienced, and dedicated people that understand the latest motives and techniques of the bad guys and who can respond to potential attacks by piecing together the technical details and evidence using the right tools. Keeping these experts trained on the latest advances in both attack techniques and new detective and preventive measures is also extremely important."

Read the rest here:

#security #backup #malware
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Everywhere, All the Time (

It's not every day you can have a laugh when talking about the #cybersecurity industry and threat landscape. After all, it's a decidedly serious business with some major real-world consequences involved.

But nothing can be so serious where a meme can't be created out of it...and when you've been in the cybersecurity and backup world as long as #Dropsuite has, you really do start to see serious risks everywhere you look.

By far and away, the biggest one we see is the failure to institute a secure and safe backup solution - and perhaps the most vexing part of that is that data loss is arguably the easiest to defend against. If an individual, business, or enterprise backs up its *mission-critical data each day, then even a malicious ransomware attack won't do much damage.

And if that backup is in the cloud and in a separate location than the business itself? Even better, as natural disasters would be protected against too. Thankfully, #dropsuite provides that and more:

"Dropsuite protects valuable website data, business servers, emails, and mobile data in the cloud. Dropsuite's intuitive and affordable backup solutions are built to help companies safeguard their critical business information."

Learn all about our product line here:

#funny #meme #backup
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Boost Your SMB's Revenue with the Dropsuite Reseller Program (

When you get to a certain stage with your #business - convenience becomes hugely important. And no matter what the size of your business is, the protection of your digital information and assets should always be hugely important.

Those two elements are cornerstones of the #dropsuite reseller program. We are proud to have built ourselves into a true industry leader when it comes to backup and archival solutions, and we have helped many businesses around the world stay in business by giving them a solution to securely backup, recover and protect all their website, server, email, and mobile data.

And our reseller program makes it easy and convenient for enterprise level operations to offer that solution to their customers:

"Dropsuite is an emerging industry leader in backup and archiving solutions. Our platform helps SMB's securely backup, recover and protect all their website, server, email and mobile data. Partners are the core of our business. We provide a world-class partner program that covers technical support, sales and marketing support, reseller tools, dashboards, multiple languages and more. It's a convenient, pay-as-you-go business partnership model that can boost your bottom line."

Learn how you can benefit from a partnership with us here:

#SMB #cybersecurity #revenue
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Why Small Businesses Must Be Proactive About Backup (

Last month, the massive #ransomware attack known as "WannaCry" opened the eyes of many organizations around the world about how damaging ransomware truly is.

For companies like #Dropsuite and others in the backup and cybersecurity industries, it has been known for some time. But even for us professionals and security veterans, the scope of WannaCry was alarming.

This recent article in The Australian highlights why small businesses can no longer think they're not a viable target due to their size:

"In the case of the WannaCry attack, small enterprises were not the main target and it was used primarily against large organizations. Most large organizations have procedures to backup material, although sometimes these backups are delayed, and in the case of the UK health system they were very vulnerable because they were using an old computer system."

_"In the day-to-day hacking world, the attackers concentrate on small enterprises because they usually do not have the same defenses. Close to three quarter's of global hackings are directed towards smaller enterprises. They are the main targets for ransom."

Our CEO, Charif El-Ansari, is mentioned in this article about his thoughts on the evolution of ransomware. Read the entire piece at the link above, or find out more about Dropsuite here:

#cybersecurity #backup #smb
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Increase Your Site's Security and Avoid Downtime with Dropsuite (

You've likely heard us say that your #business website is one of the most important commodities you have. You've also likely heard us say it should be protected at all costs.

It's a big reason why #Dropsuite exists actually - to help businesses stay in business by avoiding partial or total loss of irreplaceable business data, such as your website.

And with all the cybersecurity exploits and threats that face websites in today's world, you can imagine we're quite busy. But not too busy to share some tips and insight into some of the most common website threats and what to do about them!

Here's one of our top seven:

"*Malware:* Malware is menacing software that is intended to damage or disable websites and computer systems. 30,000 websites get hacked every day according to the Sophos Security Threat Report. And 71% of data breaches occur in businesses with less than 100 employees claims Verizon Enterprise. Sucuri Security says that approximately 20,000 websites a week are blacklisted by Google for malware. If Google or other search engines detect malware on your website, your visitors might see a warning saying "This site may harm your computer" and your customers could be prevented from visiting or transacting on your website. This could result in revenue loss for your business. At the least, be blacklisted can damage your reputation."

Click here to read more:

#cybersecurity #website #backup
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One of the Biggest Cybersecurity Risks Facing SMBS and Enterprises? Outdated IT Systems (

Thanks to #technology being exponential, every area of life and business are evolving quickly. But perhaps no area is more constantly in a state of updates and improvements than the world of cybersecurity.

It's a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the malicious hackers and other nefarious actors out there who aim to take down businesses and organizations via a variety of tactics.

Considering all this, it's not very surprising to learn that many federal agencies view legacy IT systems as one of the biggest cyber threats we currently face. This Fed Scoop article has more:

"The biggest concern with legacy IT is that the bulk of today's cyber spending is focused on preventing attackers from getting in the "house" or the infrastructure layer. Unfortunately, these systems were built years ago -- in some cases, decades ago -- without the security safeguards that modern technologies have in place."

"*The issue is that cyber attackers can walk in through the front door and, once in the house, they have the ability to dig even further by penetrating through the application layer -- think of this as the "safe," where the most valuable information is stored*."

Click here to read the rest:

#cybersecurity #tech #government #Dropsuite
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Why C-Level Execs and Board Members are Starting to Take a Vested Interest in Cybersecurity (

As a #cybersecurity company that helps businesses stay in business with our industry-leading cloud backup solutions, #Dropsuite feels strongly that all stakeholders of a business should care deeply about cybersecurity. There are few things more important to your company.

But it's understandable if your SMB or enterprise's chief officers and board members aren't. After all, board members and other senior members who weren't actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business have bigger-picture items to think about. Then again, nothing could be more important than the digital security and safety of your business and its assets.

And that's why you're seeing more and more board members take an active role in cybersecurity issues, as this CSO Online article highlights:

"Boards of Director are taking an increasingly active role in cybersecurity governance. The question is: what are they looking for and how should you manage your security program to meet their needs? This topic has been addressed in the 'Cyber-Risk Oversight' handbook, published last month by the National Association of Corporate Directors. This is an update to the first NACD handbook, published in 2014. The handbook is just that, a set of recommended practices for directors. You can expect that your directors will be asking you these questions, now or in the near future."

What are their top five questions? Click here to read on and find out:

#business #SMB #backup
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Case Study: How #Dropsuite Changed the Game - For the Better - For Europlanet (

The holy trinity of many #business goals are increasing profits, reducing losses, and increasing customer happiness. But usually - almost always - it's exceptionally difficult to do all three successfully.

We are extremely proud to say that we were able to accomplish each of them with Europlanet, a major Internet provider in Europe.

Here's how:

"Dropsuite launched its premium website and database backup service, Dropmysite, with Europlanet in July, 2015. The service was offered to all Europlanet's customers in Greek and was integrated into their control panel via REST APIs. Europlanet customers are now able to backup and restore 7 previous versions websites and databases directly from their control panel."

"They can choose to restore their entire website or just a single file from any of these 7 backup versions with just a click of a button within their control panel. After just two months from launch, Europlanet started realizing cost savings from not having to manage and maintain their own backup servers. These savings turned into higher profits for the company and greater customer satisfaction."

That's just the tip of the below to learn more:

#backup #business #cybersecurity
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View Cloud Backup for Your Business in the Same Way You View Insurance for Your Car (

Depending on what you drive, your automobile is a relatively high worth item that you want to protect. It's why every driver must have some kind of insurance by law in order to legally drive. While it might initially seem like a forced extra cost, the reality is that insurance is legally required to protect you in the event your vehicle is damaged (or it damages something else).

We all aim to be safe drivers, but accidents happen. Unfortunately, the more accidents you have, the higher your insurance rates will go. But here's a thought - how high do you think your car insurance rates, for example, would be if there was a nearly 100% chance your car would be stolen?

It's a scary thought, but it's not too far off in the world of business and cybersecurity, as that is the likelihood that something bad will eventually happen to your company's data, either by malware, disgruntled employees, hacking, or anything else.

Knowing this, how much would you pay to have your data backed up an essentially "insured"? Quite a bit, #Dropsuite would bet...and we'd also bet you'd be surprised how much less our comprehensive backup solutions for your data will cost your business as opposed to the price of lost, unprotected data. Learn more here:

#cybersecurity #business #backup
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