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Gabrielle Valencia
Self labbeled expert on safe home IPL and Laser hair removal Machines
Self labbeled expert on safe home IPL and Laser hair removal Machines

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Do you live in Australia? Well I do too! Since helping a few people out here and there... I have had an overwhelming response for people wanting me to get the IPL machines delivered to them in Australia... So if you are like me and live in Australia, contact me anytime so I can help you get your hands on these little beauties...
I would love to hear your comments also!

Spoil yourself or your loved one for Christmas - there is no better way than a home IPL or Laser hair removal machine. Choose one that is recommended as the Top 5 here or ask me for help in choosing the right one to get. Happy holidays!

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Hi guys, thanks for all your questions, I love hearing from you all and reading your comments. Don't forget, if you have a questions about hair removal, ask me, your question is not as stupid as you may think it is. I've had a lot of different questions so I am just posting because I haven't in a while and I know there is lots of people out there that want help too. So either leave a comment on the site below or email me :) Much love to all, Gabby

If you have any Q's about laser hair removal machines, leave me a comment on my blog. I will try ad help you out if you are unsure about anything go to

Trialling a new machine - I will be posting up some info soon. Stay tuned :) Gabby xx

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Guys and Girls, I keep getting emails from people asking me what is the best machine to use if you want to buy a laser or IPL hair removal machine to use at home. I am not sure if people are finding my article on my website, but here it is, my top picks of machines to buy. Not every machine is for everyone!

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Love her!

I've had a few men asking me about permanent hair removal. I'm thinking of doing a post about it. Let me know if any men on here have any questions so I can put a full post on it on my site

Something happened to my facebook account, like someone logged in and now I can't log in for security reasons. Now I just have Google+. Has this happened to anyone else? Let me know if it has and what to do about it?
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