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Emily Pepka
I'm an Air Force wife, mom of 3 kiddos, and overall coordinator of the chaos that we love to call our life.
I'm an Air Force wife, mom of 3 kiddos, and overall coordinator of the chaos that we love to call our life.


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And A Happy New Year
Welcome 2016! I am hoping for great things this year! I could go on and on about goals and reflections but I will keep it short ;) 2016 we will face some big challenges and changes, but I am hoping to keep a positive spin on things around here! I am excited...

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Real Life vs. Blog Life
We have been reading a great book in my mom's group this year. It's called "No More Perfect Moms" by Jill Savage for anyone interested in picking a copy up. But in reading it, we were discussing how moms today hold themselves to a different standard because...

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When You're Done Having Babies
Would you believe that I get asked almost daily if we are done having babies? Yes, daily. No, I'm not kidding. While I think this is an incredibly personal decision and people can and should have as few or as many babies as they darn well please, I've reach...

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Eloise-6 Months Old
I love looking back on my monthly updates on the twins and Ben so I can't believe I haven't updated anything on Eloise at all lately! I blinked and suddenly, we have a 6 month old! Weight: 19lbs Height: 26 1/2" (although I think the nurse wasn't getting her...

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A Homemade Christmas {Gift Ideas!}
I feel like I have about 25 projects in the works right now, and time is going by quickly but we are 21 days out from Christmas and I'm sure most of you are scrambling. No? Just me? Well I have been debating, sewing, and organizing things and am happy to re...

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Halloween With 4 Kids
I love all of the baby firsts! This year we had another first Halloween and had fun celebrating with baby E, although she was still recovering from a nasty congestion/cold/thingamajig that caused gave her another first - her first ear infection. Although th...

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A Quick Hello and Recipe {Cranberry Oat Bars}
Wow I can hardly believe how fast these past few months have gone. Eloise has gone from a fresh faced newborn to a full on toddler. Ok, not a toddler, but she is definitely bigger than the twins were at 1  2 years old. Not joking. So with the holidays fast ...

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International Babywearing Week!
Since writing a post on babywearing and it's benefits , I've actually had a lot of questions about types of wraps/slings/carriers! Which is awesome! This week has been International Babywearing Week #IBW2015 and if you've missed some of the great things goi...

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5 Easy Steps to Get Great Family Photos!
We recently had family photos taken. People gave me compliment after compliment about how great the kids looked and how they couldn't believe how we got them all to cooperate in a picture. I always laugh at these comments. They don't see the behind the scen...

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So Long Sweet Summer
The only place where there hasn't been activity going on in our lives has definitely been this blog! It's been quiet on here! My bad! We've been having a really rough summering life over here... Catching fireflies in our PJs  Learning to swim My little monk...
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