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A Homily for Trinity Sunday – A 2017 STM/SVDP Toronto
Trinity Sunday – A,   2017                                                                                  The Catholic Parish of  St. Thomas More, Toronto Communion with the Holy Trinity is the goal
of our life and of our worship—and it is the purpose of ...

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May - The Month of Mary
To honour Blessed Mary, the mother of Our Lord, the month of May is traditionally acknowledged as the month of Mary in  the Church's calendar. She is also honoured especially on Saturdays throughout the year and on her several solemnities and feast days e.g...

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Dom Alcuin Reid Despite says that Pope Benedict's Motu Proprio has enriched the Church
In an article in the Catholic Herald, the noted Benedictine scholar, Dom Alcuin Reid outlines how the Church has been enriched by the usus antiquior.   Further, he describes how many young people are finding  great riches in "Extraordinary Form" of the Mass...

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The Twenty-first century “Catholic” Anglican
  (With apologies to Dr. Eric
Mascall) I am a Catholic Anglican -- non-papal --   I beseech you, You’ll only find a trace of heresy in all that I will teach you. The clergyman across the town has vestments so obtrusive, My cassock-alb with rainbows is reall...

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"Hitler's Pope" myth debunked
New evidence from the  International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, a historical research institute, has shown that  “Houses of Life” – places where Jews were sheltered during the WW II were supported heavily by the Catholic Church.   There were more than 500...

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Trudeau and Abortion Promotion as Canadian Foreign Policy
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada is leading his government in an activist pro-abortion policy which ignores the democratic will of the people. Reversing the previous government's policy of giving aid to African mothers and children, the Trudeau gove...

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Father Sandys Wason
I am reading a biography of the noted
Anglo-Catholic, Fr.  Sandys Wason who was long persecuted by bishops in the
Church of England in the 2oth century. Fr. Wason served for many years in Cornwall parishes.   His biography,  Mr Wason, I Think”  states that ...

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Canada is actually 176 years old in 2017
Though the Confederation of five provinces took
place in 1867, the first Parliament of the Province of Canada was in session
from June 15, 1841, until 1843 under the joint premiership of Robert Baldwin and
Louis H. Lafontaine.  The English and French cultur...

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Scottish Catholics becoming largest worshipping group in Scotland
The Catholic Herald reports that at the same time that a handful of representatives of the tiny Scottish Episcopal Church has passed "gay marriage" rules, and purportedly changed a Sacrament of the Church, the Catholic population is set to become the larges...
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