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The homestead dreamer should really think long and hard before choosing between buying raw land and an established place with electricity, water, living structures, fencing and outbuildings. I bought this property before I met and married my husband Tommy, ...

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On the Grid
I want to write about some of the big projects we have completed here on the homestead for two reasons, first to simply remember this process and second to give others who are out there homestead dreaming an idea of what one can expect if they decide to sta...

Snowy day here on the homestead, good day to get back to blogging. It's therapeutic.

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New Life...New Blog
The last time I posted was in April, 2014. I can't believe that almost 3 years have passed since that post. By the way four of the chicks pictured in that post are still alive and clucking away in Florida. As for me, life happened, I moved 2000 miles across...

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Picmonkey- Wow it's really fun and free.
Another blogger mentioned this fun website called Picmonkey its a free photo editing site that allows you to add text, graphics and other interesting touches to your photos. You can edit you photos there as well. I always wondered how peo...

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Saving the Harvest means Saving Money
  Bell Peppers:   Nothing is more disheartening than having the produce that you worked so hard to raise and harvest go to waste in the produce bin of your fridge because you had too much or your did not get around to using it. Same goes for store bought pr...

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Homesteading Heartstrings
If you have read my blog in the past you may notice that I changed the name of my blog again. I decided that this blog is about the journey, the process of getting to where I am going and one that will probably never be fully completed. So for now that titl...

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My first car was a blue Ford Maverick V8 I think what a great car.

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