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New iA Blog post: "Responsive Typography: The Basics"
In the heat of the relaunch I wrote a quick blog post on responsive typography, focussing solely on the aspect of our latest experiment: responsive typefaces. Without knowing the history of iA, you'd
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To be honest...I think most of people (including myself) still prefers to read on a piece of paper, does not matter the advances in typography dedicated to the digital era. So many things involved, backlight, contrast..... However we cannot avoid technology. Despite all types of devices, screens, DPIs,  I'lI stick with Times in a peace of paper. 
With Computex 2012 it is clear that manufactures are trying to improve the "screen" component of their devices. Asus and Acer are releasing High DPI IPS panel devices almost as a standard configuration. I wonder if the shift was because a better reading experience provided by High DPI IPS screens. For sure reading on screens is becoming much more unavoidable. 
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