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I actually like it. Stands out, clean and easier to read. But then again I don't read TechCrunch that much - it might harder to adapt for the locals.
Who do they think they are? Wired? :)
"I’ve been acting as product manager for the TechCrunch redesign since the beginning of 2011"

... In other news it takes a half year to make a site look worse than it used to.
I know the horror will grow, but at the moment I'm amused.
i just left a whopper of a comment on +MG Siegler + stream...will just repost here: "actually not impressed at all..this took 8 rounds fo logos and wireframes for which you required the services of Code and Theory's creative director? cmon, thats ridiculous...this should have been way more innovative, and sorry but the logo is ridiculous and im guessing wont be there in 3 months, sorry MG , i am a big fan of you personally and TC generally...but this really doesn't do it for me..i am sure lots of people will like it, and yes it is an improvement over what TC was, but that isn't exactly saying much. I am trying to figure out how to be more constructive here.

1. I only see 2 stories above the fold...the hot topics get washed away by the size and coloration of the logo.

2. I like how the nav bar follows you when you scroll down...

3. the share buttons are interesting but honestly, when you have to use linked in, twitter tweet and facebook like buttons, it conflicts with your own branding.

4. the font of each individual post is squished as it wraps around thumbnails...

sorry man, hopefully you guys will tweak and build on this half step forward"
Wow, I'm speechless. The little "animated" change of the logo in the nav bar as you scroll is just ... [walking away while shaking head] ...
so oliver are you going to weigh in? i can't wait to hear what you have to say....
WTF is up with that logo?!?? The Matrix meets Minecraft...
I really like the almost confrontational tone. It's aware that yes, haters are going to hate, but also regular, non hater people dislike change - even though it's necessary.

By using a little self aware humopr, and taking the piss, they sort of neutralise the negative reaction - it creates a narrative that anyone who piles in to diss the redesign can be dismissed as 'well TC already saidf you were going to hate it just because, so well done you for meeting their low expectations.

Like / dislike the new logo is irrelevant - it's a refreshed, smart redesign of a site that was once clean, but had become bloated and ugly.
I like the gaint-pixel-theme they have going, but those colors are plain awful. (Its just so hard to read their 'main' content with so much contrast floating around right next to it). Needed to be a bit more subtle I think.
It would be nice to hear your thoughts on the redesign
Code+Theory did the redesign, not Wolffys. Thought that myself too. I think it must have been C+T who did the logo, although the TC blog post doesn't explicitly credit them.
It'll explode, reminds me of Creepers in Minecraft.
Is this for real or just a bad joke?
@Antonio Carusone As much as I'd like to believe this is just one giant troll by TC I'm afraid it may be real. Butt-ugly real.
Not to keep harping on this logo but to someone who grew up with Nintendo Entertainment System this just looks like the bad limite-palette dithering that would show up on cut-scene artwork between levels in a NES game.

Here are a few examples of dithered nintendo cutscenes:

I understand that going "retro" can be cool but in this case it's just not working and I don't think its what they intended.
It didn't piss me off, just thought it was feeble, like the bulk of the articles.
+Daniel Jackson Easier to read than the previous one? (which if I remember correctly was Helvetica?!) Whatever people's thoughts, the net result is everyone talking about their redesign, so mission accomplished, and as with Engadget everyone will just carry on and the whole thing will be forgotten in a matter of days.
I want to know if the pixelated image in the logo is a pic of Mike Arrington ;-)
I guess I have lesser concern over the logo and more about the sporadic positioning of images and type. My eye feels like it's in a pachinko machine.
If only I read TC... maybe if Mike Arrington leaves I'll consider it again... I do enjoy MG Siegler's posts.
Is that the only application that the logotype will have, seems like it's going to be a little difficult on some other applications like embroidery and screen print
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