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As for the iA Writer icon... We finally found a solution that works in every form on every platform. And on OSX it even writes itself when you scale it up.
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Wri...Write...Writer...Brilliant idea, wonderfully executed.
The scaling idea is great, but why did you put the OSX icon in perspective ? I prefer the icon for iOS, but that's just a matter of taste :)
Very clever :) please update the iPad icon, not so good according to me !
Love it. Wish the 16px icon wasn't angled, but that's pretty minor considering the other awesomeness here.
I would take simplicity over cleverness for the sake of cleverness any day. That was why I bought iA Writer in the first place. 
I like the concept, but it looks less polished than the previous one...
looks nice. the icon looks much clearer when the cursor does not overlap the word >= 256
Awesome, this is the kind of cleverness that makes you go "why didn't i think of that!". Oliver, is iA still accepting internships in Japan? I'll be living for a few months in Nagoya.
Woah, that is brilliant! Can't wait to get it in my dock.
But I really like the OS X one that’s ripping off the Bluetooth File Exchange icon. ):
I would much prefer it 2D (non perspective). Your app is all about simplicity. Why go against that for the icon?
Nice touch. Prefer this version better ; )
I rather like it. I know it's been a journey... :)

The perspective on the OS X icon doesn't strike me as getting in the way of its simplicity.
People complaining about the 3D-ness of the icon: take a look at Apple's HIG. First, they say you shouldn't simply reuse the iOS app icon (which would be the case if iA were to use a simple 2D icon) and second, an "application icon" should be like a 3D object sitting on a table (usually it also depicts a tool related to the tasks the app does, we could think of the blue cursor as such).
I think angled icons just look cheap on osx
Did you dribbble it? Wonder what they say
Those still look kind of natural … I'm thinking more of twitter and some other apps in the appstore
The problem is that they are not only angled but also "distorted" to make it look 3D
;) I mean problem as in I don't like it … I wonder what the dribbble community thinks.
We recently had a redesign of the dockicon of an app I'm involved with. Until now it was just the flat icon of the ios version. The first suggestion from the designer was very close to your new icon. And my reaction was the same. It just doesn't work. So they did a new one from scratch

I guess I will learn to live with it though … or find a replacement (Maybe you can leave the old ones in the recources ;))
Great App! But in my computer the scroll is lagging in the new version. I'm with a clean Lion install in a 15' Macbook Pro 2011.
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