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Joni Siswanto

Does Resurrection remix os have a group on telegram?

Can you guys add a compass in the quick settings panel, without having to install any third party, because it is very useful when we are in the wild...tx

I use the device GT-i9152 rr 5.8.2 unofficial, Dev kiborg_man with open gapps stock, I would like to ask how to advertising appearing in the time I standby with Internet connected, though I have to use adaway ... are there any suggestions about it...?

Does anyone know of an additional application to edit the status bar?

How do I restore the original default theme of nougat 7.1.1 (RR 5.8.1) before the install themes substratum?

How do I change the fonts in the substratum black to white... Anyone knows...?

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I am very happy with the theme of black gray, but I have a problem with this theme, writing on the status bar is not visible

Where can I find setting screen overlay able/disable, because I almost frustrating. Please help...anyone... Thanks

My device GT-I9152, Resurrection remix 5.7.0 my maintainer is kiborg_man, Anyone know how to make fastboot in RR?

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My device GT-I9152, I use the most of your red pitchblack, and this is the image of the screenshot, some headers still appear white are difficult to read, but overall has been incredible, just in the header are less than perfect ... Thanks Altan
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