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Wonder Woman [A Fat Jesus Film Review]
This is the film that DC Extended Universe needed. They needed a win. "Man of Steel" was average at best. "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" was a letdown. "Suicide Squad" was an Oscar winning nightmare. So to think that a solo Wonder Woman film--an orig...

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The 89th Annual Academy Awards [Fat Jesus' Thoughts]
Now I try to do one of these fancy schmancy posts about the Oscars every year. I think I'm starting to be a little more loose with my writing and just say my uninhibited thoughts on a given film. So I'm going to try and bring that into what I've been doing ...

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Fifty Shades Darker [A Why Did I Watch This "Review"]
*This review and post has naughty language, inappropriate "jokes" and thoughts about a naughty "film." Don't ever view this film..and possibly this review.* "Fifty Shades Darker" doesn't count as a real film. So I'm not going to give it a real review. I g...

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Hell or High Water [A Fat Jesus Film Review]
Ahhh 2017. Donald Trump is going to be president. MTV is racist. Buzzfeed is still prevalent for some reason. 2016 was so bad nothing could possibly go wrong in 2017. So, for my first review of the year, before things inevitably hit us like a meteor hitting...

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Thirty-Eight 2016 Films I Never Reviewed [Fat Jesus Tweet Reviews]
Now I haven't done a blog post in quite awhile. I got busy with school this semester. So, for my last post of 2016, I decided to do Tweet reviews of films that I never got around to doing actual reviews of over this past year. It might be a cop out, but I h...

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Suicide Squad [A Fat Jesus Film Review]
Alright you comic book and
superhero nerds out there, I’m back! This time with a review of the most hyped
DC film that didn’t go over well with the critics, since the last ten DC films
that didn’t go over well with critics. That’s right, I’m talking about “...

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John Wick [Fiverr Fix]
*Disclaimer! This is a review asked for by a friend of mine through Fiverr. If you'd like to request a film review please head on over to this link, HERE ! It will help me out in a small way if you choose to do so!* Keanu Reeves is the first big action st...

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Gods of Egypt [A Fat Jesus Quick Hit]
Jesus H. Christ what the hell did I just watch? Now, I normally don't go out of my way to write purely scathing reviews, unless you count  "50 Shades of Grey."   But, "Gods of Egypt" is a film, if you can even call it that, that takes the concept of bad CGI...

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10 Cloverfield Lane [A Fat Jesus Quick Hit]
"Cloverfield," you know that 2008 found footage action horror film about a giant alien monster -that's not Godzilla- rampaging around New York City? Well, I'm on the side that it was a pretty solid film. The monster was cool, the POV was done well and the...

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The Witch [A Fat Jesus Quick Hit]
Horror films are my jam. Lately though, as almost anyone with a pulse knows, there's maybe three or four good horror films that come out in a given year. The first big one for 2016 is definitely "The Witch."A bleak, dark, dreadful horror that builds tension...
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