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Monday again. I think it may be part of a larger pattern. Anyway, it's supposedly autumn now, but the forecast is calling for a high in the low 90's. Go figure.

To help you stay cool, this week'a EATING AUTHORS guest recalls a meal (of sorts) from the recent Helsinki worldcon (where the temps were much more pleasant). So click the link below and find out what JY Yang says is their most memorable meal.

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Another Monday naturally means another EATING AUTHORS guest over on my website. This week it's Mark J. Engels whose first novel came into the world just last month.

Mark is an author of anthropomorphic fiction, writing about werecats (because not everyone gets to write about elephants). And, like most authors, he eats, so he had a memorable meal to share. Click the link to check it out!

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I'm in an especially good mood this Monday morning because I just sent off the revisions to the BARSquel and now have that elephant off my back. To celebrate, here's a link to this week's EATING AUTHORS installment.

Former SFWA President Russell Davis has dropped by with the wonderful tale of his most memorable meal. There's even a video!

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One of the problems with a four-day weekend and a boatload of novel revisions to spend it on is that the days kind of blur. For most of yesterday, I was sure it was Sunday. Ooops.

Which is why you didn't see me post this week's link to EATING AUTHORS and my guest Mike Reeves-McMillan. Or, maybe this is all his fault, because he's in New Zealand and, aren't they a day ahead there? No, wait, that would mean this is even later. Doh!

Just click the link.

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I'm having one of THOSE days, having woken up about 4am and puttered around for a couple hours until it was time to begin my get-ready-for-dayjob routine. Then, at about 6:20, as I was leaning down to kiss my sleeping wife goodbye, she opened her eyes and said, "did you forget that we had a medical appointment this morning?

Well, I had. Which meant that I was NOT going into the dayjob today (which I'd have known if I'd consulted my calendar) and had another 3 hours to fill before that appointment.

None of which has anything to do with today's EATING AUTHOR guest, but I tell you all of that because it provides a nice contrast to Nancy Jane Moore's simple and soothing meal. Click the link to read about it.

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I've been back in the US a bit over a day now. I'm still exhausted from the glories of the trip. And there's an eclipse about to happen (but I'm not in the right place for totality). And oh yeah, today's my wedding anniversary.

But it's not all about me today, no indeed, because as the link below will assure you, it's time for yet another installment of EATING AUTHORS, with this week's guest, debut novelist Nicky Drayden! So, before you go blind from looking at the sun without proper protection, check out her most memorable meal!

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It's Monday. I am dead tired but somehow got up and went into the office today. Too many languages are buzzing in my brain for the amount of sleep I've had. And yet, the show must go on, which in this case means posting a link for this week's EATING AUTHORS guest, Michael Johnston.

Go ahead, click here:

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Why yes, it IS another Monday morning. And what are you going to do about it?

Well, you have a few options. You could go back to bed. You could order a pizza. You could suck it up and do your damn job. And or you could click the link below in an act vicarious cat vacuuming and see what debut novelist Gray Rinehart has to say about his most memorable meal.

I know what I'd do.

Why, yes, it is another glorious Monday. And not simply because Worldcon 75 has released its preliminary schedule, but also because over at EATING AUTHORS our guest this week is the ever illusive Rajan Khanna!

So click the link below and you too can discover his most memorable meal.

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Ugh. As far as Mondays go, yesterday's (which ended a mere 3 hours ago) was overloaded with too many tasks, too much traffic, and way too much humidity, much of it in service to lining up all the ducks necessary for me to slip out of town tomorrow for the NASFiC.

Which is why this post and link to the week's EATING AUTHORS is running late (but hey, yay for the insomnia that makes it not too late). So, please forgive the slight delay, and please don't take it out on this week's guest, Stephen S. Power, because I think you're going to really like his most memorable meal.
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