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author / publisher / psychologist / hypnotist / klingonist

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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. And because I love all of you so much (and I'm too cheap to buy flowers for all of you), I'm dedicating this week's EATING AUTHORS post to you as your holiday gift.

If you click the link below, you can pretend that Jacqueline Carey is also your valentine. Or not. It's up to you. Either way though, I think you'll appreciate what she has to say about her most memorable meal. Yum!

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I confess, I did not watch the SuperBowl yesterday. But I did prepare this week's EATING AUTHOR post, and that's why if you click that link below you'll get to read what Brett Savory says was his most memorable meal.

Not as fancy as Lady Gaga showing up, but hey, I have a much smaller budget.

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Welcome to the last Monday in January. Whether or not your day involves phoning your political representatives, considering clicking the link below.

Why? Because Monday means it's time for another visit to EATING AUTHORS! This week's guest is shiny new novelist Lara Elena Donnelly.

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Watts Martin, one of my very first editors — and arguably the person inadvertently responsible for starting me thinking about BARSK — has his first novel coming out tomorrow.

Naturally I asked him to come by EATING AUTHORS and tell us about his most memorable meal. And you know what? He did! Click that link!

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It is a below-freezing Monday. Do I really need to say more?

Click the link below and warm up with this week's EATING AUTHORS guest, Jody Lynn Nye

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Seriously? It's nine degrees here today. Again. Again!

I confess, my initial instinct is to crawl back under the covers when I see that temperature. But no, I can't deprive you of your weekly dose of EATING AUTHORS. And so, to warm you up, here's a link to Becky Chambers talking about her most memorable meal. Appropriately, it takes place in Iceland.

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Welcome to 2017's first installment of EATING AUTHORS. This week's guest is Alexander Jablokov, and his account of his most memorable meal is one you donut want to miss.

(See what I did there? No? Then click the link and it will make more sense)

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The last Monday of the year, and if you have the day and off and need something to fill your time, here's a link to this week's EATING AUTHORS guest. Click it and read Teresa Frohock's account of her most memorable meal.

Of course, you're free to click the link even if you don't have the day or or don't otherwise need to fill your time. :)

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Yesterday kind of got away from me, and I neglected to post this link. Which is a shame, because this week's EATING AUTHORS guest is William C. Dietz, and he's not only a fine writer, he's got a great story for his most memorable meal.

So, a day late, but NOT a dollar short. Click the link; it's all good.

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As the saying goes, I never did get the hang of Mondays. This particular Monday has been chock full of DayJob meetings, phone meetings, email correspondence, novel writing, errands, and movers tromping through the house as we go through some minor remodeling and hide everything we don't want to look at in the cavernous hole that is the basement.

Meanwhile, Monday also means a fresh segment at EATING AUTHORS, and so it's my great pleasure to introduce you to Travis Heermann, this week's guest. The link below will take you on the wild ride that is his most memorable meal.
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