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I'm having issues with MMS. I use T-Mobile but swapped temporarily with an ATT sim card to troubleshoot issues with another phone.
Since I put back the T-Mobile sim card, I can't receive MMS.
The contacts+ APN/MMS automatic settings still show att values. The android settings so contains the T-Mobile values.
I've tried setting the MMS settings myself to the T-Mobile ones but still no luck:
No proxy, default port (80 I believe)


Ode à Miss Maggie ...

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"Nouvelle version de et libération de la DILA : un nouveau souffle pour l’OpenData gouvernemental ?"

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toujours aussi drôle!

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Sharing and selling your music online
Sharing and selling your music online When it comes to sharing or selling your music online there are numbers of alternatives platforms and services to chose from,
and it depends a lot on what you want to do with your art works. I happened to be looking ar...

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