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Florian Echtler
Postdoctoral Hacker & Research Hobbyist
Postdoctoral Hacker & Research Hobbyist


All pre-vacation TODOs finished, with one day to spare! 😊 But somehow, this feels suspicious... 🤔

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Hihihi. Will be going to the beach soon, too, maybe I should talk to OSF about that beforehand 😉

Well of COURSE my bloody laptop fan will die right in the middle of summer, two days before a deadline. 🙄

Today so far: coffee, coffee, Coke, espresso and still 😴😴😴 This will be a long day 🙄

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Tomorrow, the European Parliament will hold the deciding vote on upload filters. Help to stop this misguided proposal and call your MEP:

Daughter (4) on Saturday morning: "Do we have spray paint cans?" 😨😱

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The shirt itself is maybe a little too loud, but "Children of Eprom", "sudo's Priest" or "Cable of Filth" is pure gold. ;-)

I don't even want to guess how many thousands of debugging hours have been wasted because the OpenCV Mat constructor has (y,x) as arguments. 🙄 #beenthere

Bahnreise-Erlebnis #437: "Bitte erst einsteigen, wenn die polizeilichen Ermittlungen abgeschlossen sind." 😮🤔

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Need to put that on my office door. :-P
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