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Troy Mikulka
Empower Biz Owners by Integrating their SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media to Help them Gen. 24/7 sales
Empower Biz Owners by Integrating their SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media to Help them Gen. 24/7 sales


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A sit down Q&A with Troy Mikulka, President of IOM – PART TWO

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3 Google+ marketing considerations worth a look.
If companies are just now evaluating whether Google+ is the right place to invest time and resources after the news about Vic Gundotra leaving, the answer is pretty easy. Here are 3 Google+ marketing considerations worth a look. What would you add?

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What is your favorite C.S. Lewis book? Mine is The Screwtape Letters.

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How To Let Customers Trust You: Use These 2 Keys
 In transformative and disruptive markets like cloud computing, it’s critical that customers and partners trust you. Dan Timko, president and CTO of the cloud services provider Cirrity, explains how to build one of the most beneficial and valuable commodities in business... 
by Dan Timko, president and CTO of +Cirrity LLC 

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Quo Vadis Google+? What's Next for Google's Social Network?

1. Google+ the social network is not going away, but Google+ the brand may change significantly (or even disappear).

2. That change is driven by the realization that the future for big online advertising companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google is not so much in social engagement as it is in user data acquisition.

3. The Google+ project has been an incredible success (even if the social network never is in a Facebook kind of success) because it drove the unification of Google products, the creation of a unified user privacy policy and sign in, and supercharged the data acquisition needs of Google.

#GooglePlus  +Mark Traphagen 

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Is Your Reputation Ready for Authorship being a Ranking Factor?

With SEO evolving everyday the move to authorship as a ranking factor is close. Who you are and your reputation is going to be a ranking factor in itself. You want to be able to pass on your rank as an influence in your niche.

Are you a good influence or a bad influence?

If you are do online marketing for companies and you have a client website that you are working on these scenarios may apply.

The first one is that you do not practice the best of SEO tactics and your influence carries a Page Rank 0 ( or minus :) ) when you work on that website your negative or "untrusted" page rank will be passed on and may end up hurting more than helping.

Now, the second; say you follow Google's guidelines religiously and practice more white-hat strategies then imagine you are working for a company and when you work on their website you will pass on your trusted "Author Rank" or "Reputation" to that company website. So let's say you have a Page Rank 4 you would pass that rank on to the website, which in turn would give a boost in their ranking. 

Which one are you?

So, whatever your niche is remember to be an influence increasing your "Reputation" or "Page Rank" of your customers.


To learn more just visit:

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Don't Waste Time. Find Social Networks That Matter
Before even start spending your precious time and money on social media marketing, ask yourself first Which Social Networks Really Matter? 

In order to achieve that:

First. Search for your (the) company’s name/brand.
Second Search for keywords that are directly related to your company’s products or services.
Third. Perform a search of  your local competition. 

Learn more: from +Kristoffer Howes   #socialmedia      #socialmediamarketing   

So true. It always depends on how well you did your research and how you're going to use them. :)

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Are you ready with a plan in case of a marketing emergency? A check-list....

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