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Eve “Bubbles” Aebi
Swiss photographer, mom, wife, human being, atheist
Swiss photographer, mom, wife, human being, atheist

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Articles like this infuriate me. It's a long read and it isn't about Trump. He and other power addicts only use what big social media sites and search engine corporations are delivering - data gathered from various social media sites and networks - to impose their agenda on us. It's not about right or left politics either, it could serve any agenda.

The article features big data and AI, and AI isn't to blame per se. It can be - and hopefully is - used to do good, but it's people like Mercer and others who saw the potentials of AI and big data long ago and big money that helps them shape the world to their liking. It's sickening, because it's going to become harder and harder to form a balanced informed opinion on any given topic without jumping hoops to get to unbiased search results.

I am rambling and it can seem ironic to share such an article criticizing the role tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others play by binge grabbing the data we give them, much more than we gave our informed consent for, but if I didn't how would people know?

via +Pam Boling​ on Facebook 

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Special Elections tomorrow:
Don't miss this opportunity to let your voice be heard, friends in Connecticut.

Connecticut 2nd State Senate District February 28, 2017:
Douglas McCrory

Connecticut 32nd State Senate District February 28, 2017:
Gregory Cava

Connecticut 115th State House District February 28, 2017:
Dorinda Borer Keenan

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I think there are more stories like this than stories of immigrants being criminals.

In August 2004, a Somali refugee family arrived in Vermont. It was the beginning of many good things.

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It's high time that we think about big data and AI

I followed the podcast series by with action plans to get back some privacy on the Internet. While some steps are easy like denying access to certain data on my phone to apps that don't need them, others are not so easy.

While thinking about these data and what steps I need to take to prevent websites and apps to gather information about me, I became more and more annoyed. The only way I could ensure that my data is mine is to not participate in the digital world (it's kind of ironic that I post about that here). This would mean to have no bank account and keeping earned cash in my mattress, pay everything in cash, go to a library and read there or swap books with friends or buy all the books. In fact, I would have to return to predigital times. This can't be it. I like technology, but it can't be that with my use of technology I feed my future master.

Ultimately, a centralized system of technocratic behavioral and social control using a super-intelligent information system would result in a new form of dictatorship. Therefore, the top-down controlled society, which comes under the banner of "liberal paternalism," is in principle nothing else than a totalitarian regime with a rosy cover.

In the link below several articles cover critical thoughts on how to handle big data and AI.

cc +Gideon Rosenblatt​ if you haven't read it already 

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The first snow drops I came across last week on my way to work. Spring is coming! 

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It's loud around the house this afternoon. Carnival season is upon us. The concert of the 'bands' is about to start. The bands (we call them Guggemusig) have only a small percentage of people who actually know how to play the instrument and that's the point. The music has to sound off. Lol. After all, this is supposed to chase away winter, right?

The people here are waiting for the concert to start just after the parade. Our cats (and we - secretly) will be happy when it ends.

Maybe I'll catch a tune or two later. 

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A difficult task! I don't know how I'd try to describe color to a blind person. 

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Motion for March 10 
5/26: Motion
Date of Posting: Friday 10 March

Make sure you tag +Al Chris+Maayan Windmuller+Pat Kight​ and use the hashtag #BWProject2016

Let’s get moving! Incorporate motion into your photograph - a moving subject, moving your camera (pan, zoom, rotate, etc.). Play with motion blur, multiple exposures, busy street scenes - anything goes, as long as it shows motion.

Need inspiration? Here:

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via +Mari Thomas​
Okay, let's talk about why certain people have this pathological need to paint Europe as some kind of crime-ridden hellscape, shall we?

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