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Ruai Dayak's Music,lagu iban,iban song,lagu bidayuh,bidayuh song
Ruai Dayak's Music,lagu iban,iban song,lagu bidayuh,bidayuh song

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Joyce Menti "Cherita Tua" Album Review
' Bujang Simanggang & Bujang Tamang Tamang ' is two tracks that has it own trademark, that make Joyce Menti well known to local dayak music industry plus she has her own listener out there. To all Joyce Menti fan out there that has been waiting for her next...

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Sneak Peak Album 'Bujang Kepayang' Or 'Bujang Manchal' by Meredith B
Meredith B is a new name on our Dayak Music Industry. OCH Sound Production already has their hand on Meredith B debut album. If I'm not mistake, 'Bujang Kepayang' or 'Bujang Manchal' is the album title. We have wait and see for final outcome on the album ti...

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Album Pengerindu Madang Lalang by Robert review
Kenyalang Production based on Johor; releasing a new album with their new artiste Robert. Robert new debut album entitled ' Pengerindu Madang Lalang '. Enough said, just keep on track to the album Pengerindu Madang Lalang, Robert by checking the track-list....

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Only 8 shall be Finalist Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara (WaiFM) 2017
credit goes to, Borneo Media Solutions, Majalah Senawah, WaiFM Iban & RTM. Yes; it coming again. The most waited event of year 2017, Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara (WaiFM) is back. Where Anugerah Carta Sapa Juara (ACSJ) 2017 will be feature 19 lagu iban tebilang...

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Album 'Enda Ulih Di Aum Ati Sulu' Angela Lata Jua Review
Good news to Angela Lata Jua fan out-there. Here's her latest album entitled,  ' Enda Ulih Di Aum Ati Sulu '. You guy's can stream full music video of Enda Ulih Di Aum Ati Sulu, Telaga Pengerindu and Anang Becerita, Angela Lata Jua single on LUH Music Produ...

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Album 'Tanggam Rat Ba Ati' Alexander Peter Review
credit goes to Kaban Music Productio, KMP Alexander Peter is a new comer for Dayak Music Industry. Now he will show us with his masterpiece of a debut album entitled 'Tanggam Rat Ba Ati'. Tanggam Rat Ba Ati album is issued by Kaban Music Production that has...

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Album 'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa' Linda Review
Anang Salah Guna Kuasa and Di Rantai Pengerindu a most hearing tracks song from the album  'Anang Salah Guna Kuasa ' . Yes, it's a new album from Linda under LUH production. All her fan and dayak music lover a now making a cover version, especially Di Ranta...

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Coming Soon: Album Gawai KMP 2017 "Besulu Maya Gawai Dayak" Review
credit goes to, Kaban Music Production Gawai Dayak 2017 is nearing. And it's not complete if doesn't have any gawai dayak album or single for our the big event such as Gawai Dayak. So, here's a bit information about a gawai dayak album from Kaban Music Prod...

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Top 10 Lirik Lagu Iban Search on April 2017
All source of top 10 lirik lagu iban search on April 2017 - Here's something new to share? Yes, is a list of top 10 lirik lagu iban that has been search by lagu iban music lover out there. Not further delay, let's us meet an gr...

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Listen 'Penyayau' a Single by endless band
Hey guy's, what's up... So do you guy's have been listening to endless band, with their single 'Penyayau'? It can be stream on their official YouTube channel, just click and play above to listen it. Here's about endless band. Consist of 4 members; Garry, Wa...
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